Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Break the Cycle: You+Me's second single is a winner (VIDEO)

I will admit, a few weeks ago when P!nk and Canadian singer Dallas Green released their first single I was a little ho-hum about it. The single, not the concept of P!nk and Dallas Green forming a folk duo called You+Me - cause that's awesome.

Their second single off the album is Break the Cycle was just released and I'm officially excited. Love it.

Their debut album Rose Ave comes out October 14, 2014.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

High School football player gives out of control post game interview

Apollos Hester plays for the East View Patriots in Georgetown, Texas and gave this gem of a post-game interview after beating the opposing team 42-41.

I am going to make an assumption that this kid watches a lot of motivational sports movies when he is not hugging puppies and doing extra laps around the field after practice.

I am also going to wager a guess that he is a huge fan of Oprah and will work his whole life to become rich so he can one day yell out to a crowd of people "You get a car! And you get a car! And you get a car!"

Lastly, I am going to assume that Apollos is a big fan of saying 'Amen' in church - with enthusiasm.

So funny.


Movie Review: Advance Style (CIFF 2014)

You don't often hear people talking about a desire to be old. As a society we generally associate being old with being closer to death and the inability to do things you once could. We love old people, we just don't want to be them...
...until we get confined to social norms that we wish we didn't have to abide by and then we love to say things like, "I can't wait to get old so I can do whatever I want."

Because let's face it, old people can get away with pretty much anything. There is an unspoken rule that once your skin starts falling off your face, smacking a random in the face with your cane for no reason, yelling at children on the street and wearing a nightgown to the grocery store are all acceptable forms of daily existence. While all of these things are terrible (yet incredibly hilarious), one of the most unfortunate things about elderly ladies is Talbots...and general old lady 'fashion'.

In any demographic or grouping however, there are those that break the mold. For the longest time I thought there were two types of old ladies - those who didn't give a damn and wore bag like clothing and those who wore Talbots (or some similar variation of old woman beige).

Enter Ari Seth Cohen and his harem of elderly ladies. The documentary, which was screened at the Calgary International Film Festival, takes a look into the lives of a handful of women who are regularly featured on Ari's blog, Advance Style. They live in New York City and always leave their homes dressed for fashion week.

The film gave us a peek into the lives of these ladies. Where did they come from, what had they done and what are they doing...and most importantly, why do they love fashion?

One of the ladies said that she was an artist, and dressing up was just an extension of her art - she was the canvas. Another said that it takes her years to get an outfit together - each piece needing to be perfect before she presented it to the world. And one said that she gets dressed up everyday for the theatre of her life.

And that makes sense, because these ladies were definite characters.

There is so much to say about this film. It was not just a story about some old ladies that like to wear fabulous clothes. It was a commentary on getting old. It was a PSA about a movement...a movement that recognizes old people as still being relevant to fashion - an industry obsessed with looking young. And mostly, it was a love letter to being yourself.

I left the theatre thinking that getting old may not be as bad as I thought. As long as I know me, and do me, I'll be good with the rest of it. I am not a huge fashion person so I won't be turning my hair into fake eye lashes, but I will most definitely own it when walking* down the cereal aisle in a nightgown hitting random children with my cane for no reason.

Verdict: 4.1 Stars


*I also don't know if I will really be into walking when I am 80. I may be doing all of this while riding a scooter - or a segway.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What to Watch: CIFF 2014

The Calgary International Film Festival is almost upon us! Starting this Thursday and running until September 28, 2014, CIFF will bring us films from all over the world in all different genres.

Here are my picks for the movies to watch in this years line up. There are a lot to choose from so see the full listing here. But for now, check out the films that I will go see...sitting in the back of the theatre eating popcorn alone.

Backcountry (Canadian Cinema Series)
Oh, a movie about what would happen to me if you ever made me do something in the "backcountry". Like...I don't even like sitting on grass if there is a chance I am going to get bit by a mosquito. Rookie Blue's Missy Peregrym stars in this movie about an urban couple who go camping and end up in a bear version of The Grey. Horror. (More info)

Advance Style (Documentary Series)
"I'm dressed up for the theatre of my life every day..."
Oh dear GOD if I ever live to be this old - let me dress like these ladies. The Documentary series of CIFF is always my favorite, and it looks like this year may not disappoint. This documentary about old ladies dressing up looks FAB-U-LOUS. Directed by Ari Cohen, who started on online blog Advance Style to showcase the elderly who have street style. It's like Ab Fab on CRACK. It's like - the only movie I need to see at CIFF (but I'll see more, because I can). (More info)

Maps to the Stars (Headliners Series)
Julianne Moore looks like a raging lunatic in this David Cronenberg film...I mean, it's about people in Hollywood so of course they are going to be outrageous. Oh, the good life. (More info)

Foxcatcher (Headliners Series)
Steve Carell is acting serious...with a prosthetic nose and weird teeth. That alone is a draw for this 'based on a true story' film about a wrestling coach and his team. Channing Tatum is also in it - and if you believe People Magazine, he is also currently the Sexiest Man Alive...so there's that. (More info)

Dirty Singles (Canadian Cinema Series)
It appears that everyone in this film is not single...but maybe they become single because they are all a bunch of skanks (male and female). Being single sucks. Dating sucks. Being in a relationship sucks. And breaking up sucks. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah...and getting the herp looks like it would most definitely suck. This movie however looks like it may need  a thumbs up. (More info)

God Help the Girl (Music on Screen Series)
A pop musical! Be still my heart CIFF. This film, set in Scotland, is about some kids that start a pop band. And it looks like there may be some nerd love. Hearts. (More info)

Born to Fly (Documentary Series)
Also in the Documentary Series is Born to Fly, a film about...basically crazy people who do dangerous things for entertainment and to look like they are flying. Whatever, it looks like we get to see someone break a bone. I'm sold. (More info)


Monday, September 1, 2014

Jessie Ware's Want Your Feeling (LISTEN)

Ah Jessie Ware! Her second album is coming out on October 21 and this is another sampling of what we are going to hear on it.

Team Jessie Ware. Fack I love her.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel reunites the Friends females

Jennifer Aniston was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday and ended up doing a read through of Jimmy's Friends fan fiction. Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox both came out and read lines in Kimmel's replica Friends kitchen.

The kitchen made me very nostalgic, but Jennifer Aniston. Hum, maybe you should have played down the "I am annoyed" bit...I feel like she may have been told to act like she was pissed, but it ruined the whole skit.

If she was not acting and really being a cow about the whole thing - well that's just annoying.

Anyways, WAHHHHH Friends, I miss you!