Sunday, May 17, 2015


Did you know that they still make Heritage Minutes? There have been five released since 2012, and they just released a sixth about nurses in WWI. As usual, it will make you feel very patriotic.

“Nursing Sisters” was produced by Historica Canada and Calgary-based Corkscrew Media and Stir Films. It stars Canadian actress Siobhán Williams (Hell on Wheels, Black Box, UnReal). The iconic end narration is provided by Molly Parker (House of Cards).

I am still going to say that the James Naismith basketball peach baskets and the "Dr. Penfield, I smell burnt toast." ones were my all time favorites. I mean, you just can't beat one of America's favorite past times and everyone thinking their having a stroke when they smell burnt toast.


Monday, May 11, 2015

How America treats mothers courtesy of John Oliver

'Merica...come on now. Let's get some relief for your mothers.

John Oliver explains on Mother's Day how America really feels about its mothers - by asking them to get back to work.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pitch Perfect 2 and the sadness of The Cup Song

The most highly anticipated movie of 2015 is coming out in two weeks! That's right folks, Pitch Perfect 2 is about to hit theatres. The most iconic song from the first film was The Cup Song, which sold millions of copies, rose on the billboard charts and had people all over the continent dumping out their drinks, flipping over their cups and attempting to keep a beat with their cup while singing this cute little number.

This scene from Pitch Perfect 2 will make you nostalgic for whatever you are missing in your life. I miss the Disney movies from the 90s. So I was thinking about them when I watched this. I'm now crying into a pillow.

Don't forget some other really great versions of this song that we have heard over the years...

Monday, April 27, 2015

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra sings a Playoff version of O Fortuna (VIDEO)

The Calgary Philharmonic got into the hockey playoff spirit on Saturday night at the Jack Singer concert hall at the Art Commons after the Calgary Flames beat the Vancouver Canucks in game 6 of the first series. Singing a playoff version of O Fortuna...and it is amazing.

I love this. I love that the whole city gets in on the celebration, even the CPO. BRA-VO.

The city celebrated hard on Saturday we won the cup or something. We will celebrate while we can...and then it is game time in series two. And let's be's gonna to be tough.


...but we beat the Canucks and that is almost all some people care about.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Letter to...Shonda Rhimes, How dare you kill McDreamy!

Has a petition been created for fans to boycott Grey's Anatomy for the rest of its existence? If there isn't, I will start one and be the first to sign. #boycottgreysanatomy

Dear Shonda Rhimes,

Words cannot express the rage and sadness I feel, but I will try my best to let you know how you have ruined my life.* You've got some sort of ego thinking all of the fans of your show are not going to revolt after killing off our beloved McDreamy, Derek Shepherd.

First, can you stop exiting people off of this show by killing them? It is NOT necessary. There was a time when you would make me cry and I'd think, "Wow, Shonda is good." Now I just think, "I am not surprised that Shonda is emotionally terrorizing viewers again...I mean, it is Thursday." Can we not have a good story and drama without death? You know that there are other ways to be emotional right? Why do you keep going down that road?? I am concerned for your mental health. (Actually, I'm concerned about my mental health right now - I could really care less about how you are doing.)

Second, do you actually think you have a storyline left that the long-time fans are really going to stick around for? I would list all the reasons why what you currently have is not appealing, but I don't want to bore the readers.

I know you tried to set this up so Meredith could transition to life on her own. Derek was hardly in this season...and Meredith did fine. Hell, she was on a streak. Does this mean that she is going to die alone and be the best surgeon ever? Well that's boring. I'm glad Meredith doesn't need a man, but that doesn't mean that I don't need McDreamy.

I hate that you killed him. I HATE that you faked the viewers out so many times in the episode, basically attempting to murder us by heart attack. I hate that Derek's hair looked the best ever on the day that he died. I hate that there were no cars on that road the entire day except for the 4 that got in two separate car accidents. I hate that that little girl saw her dad die and then saw Derek in the hospital. I hate that Derek knew where the doctors messed up and that he was going to die. I hate that the on-call surgeon took forever to get there. I hate that you played Chasing Cars while Meredith said goodbye AND when Denny died, forever labeling Snow Patrol as the band that kills love. I hate that Meredith didn't call anyone or have anyone else there with her when he died. I hate that we all knew it was coming and held onto hope until the very end. I hate you Shonda, I hate you.

I am through with the trauma Shonda. Done. Over it. As far as I'm concerned tonight was the series finale of Grey's Anatomy. I'm sad it's over, but glad to get away from Seattle Grace.

Rest in peace Derek. I MISS YOUR HAIR ALREADY.


*And by life I mean night, I'm sure I'll get over it - just like I will get over you and your shows. Scandal has sucked this season too by the way, in case you were wanting to take my temperature on that show as well.