About XO

In 2009 I got down to the entertainment writing business and since then have been bringing you my humble and sometimes controversial opinion of entertainment related stories from across Canada and around the world - with a crass and occasionally brutal honest delivery.

This site has taken me all over the country to awards shows, concerts, music festivals and TV show auditions. I've interviewed some pretty amazing people and have had my share of foot in mouth moments as well as awesome photo ops.

While I occasionally travel to get my story, most of my literary brilliance comes from the comfort of my couch. The ass groove is a testament to the countless hours I have spend reading, researching and forming my opinion of some of the most outrageous headlines in the entertainment world.  How do I delicately tell you that Chris Brown is a douche? Or do I just say it outright? Sometimes writing is so hard!


More about Jes...
Blogger of the Issue, Fashionsign Magazine pg. 52 (Article - Oct 2012)