Sunday, April 5, 2015

New album by Canadian singer Peter Katz does not disappoint

Canadian singer Peter Katz is not disappointing anyone with his third studio album We Are the Reckoning - which includes this super cute song Brother featuring another Canadian artist Royal Wood.

The song is just so lovely, as is Peter Katz. The first time I met Katz was in 2011 when he was promoting his first album First and Last to Know. I was a inebriated mess and talked him into giving me a private concert underneath the stairs in the venue he was playing in. He was so Canadian, he couldn't say no. And thus started my love of all things Peter Katz.

You may think I like his most recent album because he's a nice guy who played a song for me under some stairs - which is not true. Lots of people say the guys from Nickleback are nice, but that doesn't mean I would ever tell you to buy their music or go to their concert. I have more integrity than that.

Katz's new album is his best yet, and he is taking it on the road. He is currently over in Europe spreading the Canadian love, but will return home in May where he will hit a lot of places in Western Canada.

Tour Dates

May 1 - Waterloo, ON 
May 6 - Lethbridge, AB
May 7 - Fort Macleod, AB
May 8 - Canmore, AB
May 9 - Red Deer, AB
May 12 - Saskatoon, SK
May 13 - Regina, SK
May 14 -Winnipeg, MB
May 15 - Swift Current, SK
May 16 - Edmonton, AB
May 17 - Calgary, AB
May 19 - Prince George, BC
May 20 - Kelowna, BC
May 21 - Vancouver, BC
May 29 - Toronto, ON
May 30 - Wakefield
June 4 - Stratford, ON
June 6 - London, ON
June 19 - Fergus, ON
June 21 - Montreal, QC

We Are the Reckoning is now available on iTunes or through Peter Katz's website. Tickets for the tour are available here.


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