Friday, April 3, 2015

Big Brother Canada Sindy with an S takes her exit

Sindy with an S was voted off of Big Brother Canada the second week into the game, but we may not have seen the last of her yet. Sindy and Risha both sit waiting to see if they will be able to go back into the house...and on Sunday another person will join them after this seasons first instant eviction.

Sindy with an S was quite a polarizing character from the moment she stepped into the house, introducing herself to her fellow houseguests as 'Sindy with an S'. It didn't seem like many of her peers enjoyed her drawn out name and put her on the block the first night. Then, after playing hard through the first POV competition, Sindy took herself off the block. Saved for the first week.

The second week she almost won HoH, but lost to Bobby. Which was really unfortunate, because after Kevin got himself taken off the block and convinced all of the guys that Sindy was the ringleader behind the girls alliance, she was nominated as a replacement. Now she sits on the outside of the house as she was evicted 12-0 on Wednesday night.

In the first couple of weeks in the house, I never have the best game related questions for the houseguests. There just isn't really anything big to talk about yet, but there was one thing I was dying to know about Sindy.  (Read the interview after the jump...)

Where did Sindy with an S come from? Is there a story behind that?

There is a story behind that. I actually named myself back in grade 3. My real name...I'm not gonna tell you because you're not family. Sindy with an S is actually not a legal name. I named myself that in grade 3 because I wanted a different name for class. I originally wanted Kimberly, to name myself after the pink power ranger, but my mom said it was too long. I was Jasmin for 24 hours because I loved Aladdin at the time, but then I found a book title Sindy and it was based on a doll from the UK. I never knew Sindy was spelt with a C at the time. So we went to the school and told them we didn't want Jasmin we wanted Sindy. They asked me if I knew how to spell that and I said "Yes, S - I - N.." and the lady said no it is spelt with a C and I held up the book and said "No it is spelt with an S". It was all formed from there. I think it suits me very very well and I'm glad I picked it. 

I think it's weird that her mom wouldn't let her name herself Kimberly...subconsciously she probably expanded Sindy to Sindy with an S just to get back at her mom for not letting her be a Power Ranger. Respect.

Why do you think your housemates nominated you for the first eviction? Were you surprised?

Honestly, I'm Sindy with an S. I introduced myself like that 15 times to every single person and a 16th time in the circle. It was pretty obvious. I was also the last one in, I didn't have time to talk to a lot of people. Then we were told we had to nominate two I had a memorable name and you didn't have a chance to talk to me so it was pretty obvious and I had a gut feeling I was going to be called.

Clarification, you don't have a memorable have a memorable way of obnoxiously telling people how to spell your name within two seconds of meeting them.

Who do you hope gets evicted and who do you hope wins the game?

I hope Graig gets evicted. He is such a trouble maker and caused a lot of friction in the house. I think he had a lot of influence with me leaving the house. Who do I hope wins? Obviously at this moment Jordan, he's such a sweetheart. He has a head on his shoulders, he knows what he wants. He has a lot going on in him, so I hope he wins the money. He loves Big Brother so so so much so I think winning this title would mean a lot to him.

Aw. Short-lived showmance.


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