Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Broadway Across Canada's Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time...or at least as old as 1991 for most of us.

Beauty and the Beast is almost 300 years old, but most of us know the version of the story with Gaston, the talking candle and dancing dishes. That version was the one that was brought to life and danced across the stage at the Jubilee last night brought into Calgary by Broadway Across Canada.

I was very excited to see one of my all time Disney favorites on the stage. (Top 3 along with The Lion King and The Little Mermaid - of course) I was worried that some of the things from the movie that always seemed like they should bother me and didn't were finally going to bug me when watching real people act it out. The chauvinist ape Gaston, the fact that her dad was inventing really stupid things and, of course, the whole bestiality thing. But they weren't an issue. Thank God, do you know how uncomfortable that would have been if you were just sitting there for 3 hours thinking about bestiality? Awkward.

You know what was awkward? Chip. The little boy who has been turned into a tea cup. The first encounter we have with him on the stage you see a boy's face with a hat that looks like a chipped tea cup and you are assuming his body in in the tea cart the 'cup' sits on...but you can see through it. It tripped me out so much I thought someone had slipped drugs into my pre-sitting wine. I still don't know how they did it, and I will lose sleep over it for years to come.

All around the show was full of slap stick comedy and innuendo jokes meant for the parents and sometimes caught on by by the kids. All the little seven year olds in their princess dresses clapped along with the dance sequence involving a bunch of townies at a pub banging together beer mugs. It was so enchanting.

Speaking of enchanting, the performance of Be Our Guest was as elaborate as the movie and gave us dancing plates, singing spoons, and napkins with hearts covering their vajayjays (yeah, that was weird, and I didn't know how else to bring it up). The song of the show was a toss up between that one, and Belle. One would have thought the title song would have been my favorite, however, when Belle walked out in her yellow dress I was overly disappointed. Not a fan. At all. That basically ruined the whole song for me. By the time it was over I was just starting to pay attention to something other than my hate for the dress. Oh well, I'm sure the song was lovely.

Other than the miss on the dress, the awkwardness of Chip, and the Beast being too short (oh I forgot to mention that - the Beast was not very big. I feel like that was a miss.), the adaptation to the stage was pretty great.

Verdict: 4.1 Stars


Beauty and the Beast is playing in Calgary until February 22, 2015

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