Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The boys are back - first look at the Entourage Movie (TRAILER)

I am pretty excited for this movie to come out. My life was lacking some serious asshole sans Ari Gold and I just couldn't find a suitable replacement.

A couple things I would like to point out:
  1. Turtle isn't fat anymore - as is also pointed out be a girl in the trailer.
  2. The movie they made looks stupid. 
  3. Mark Wahlberg is in the trailer - that better not be all the screen time he gets.
  4. Bob Saget is not in the trailer, but since he was the best guest star ever on the show, he better be in the movie.
  5. Haley Joel Osment with a beard is terrifying.
  6. It looks like Lloyd has lost some weight as well.

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