Monday, August 18, 2014

Taylor Swift finally announces she is deserting Country Music

Taylor Swift confirmed today that she will be releasing her 'first' official pop album on October 27 called 1989.

And country music fans are all like...huh? Did your last album not have dub step in it? We already knew you had gone to the dark side.

Her new single, Shake It Off, was released today and has Taylor white girl rapping, shaking her butt with some black girls (cause you know they know how to shake their booties the best), holding a ghetto blaster that plays tapes (WHAT TAPE IS IN THERE? Does Pop-Up Video still exist? Get on it.), 'participating in' every type of dance they could think of and wearing giant hipster glasses.

Is Taylor Swift cool enough for you now world?

It's safe to say, Taylor will do just fine in the pop music scene - but, she has a while to go before she reaches the pop levels of Gaga, Perry and Britney. Like...a long while.


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