Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jenny Lewis' Just One of the Guys reminds me of when I thought Kristen Stewart was a dude

Jenny Lewis' music video for Just One of the Guys is amazing.

Why? Well, because it reminds me of the first time I ever saw Kristen Stewart in a movie and thought the entire time that she was a teenage boy.

Then later, post-Twilight casting you had a conversation with some well informed young Hollywood enthusiast that went something like this.

Enthusiast: "You totally know Kristen Stewart. She was the daughter from Panic Room." 

Normal person who can only name Jodie Foster from Panic Room: "Um, I am pretty sure it was just Jodie Foster and her diabetic son."

And then you get in some argument which ends with someone inevitably pulling out their phone and going on their IMDB app only to find that - HOLY MOSES...Jodie Foster's son in Panic Room was actually a DAUGHTER.

Also making their back up band debut in this video is Anne Hathaway (the world still thinks you're annoying Anne, just stop) and another girl that everyone is like "Where the hell do I know her from?!", whose name is actually Brie Larson and has been in some stuff.

But come on, Kristen Stewart as a man. Too good.


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