Monday, July 28, 2014

Hillary Duff releases new single Chasing the Sun (LISTEN)

Hilary Duff made her return to music this week with the release of her new single Chasing the Sun.

Back in her day, I did really like the Duffster. I'm a suck for good pop music, this however is not good. HIL! What is this? It sounds like something that should be on a soundtrack for one of the Olsen twin movies in the 90s. 

Chasing the Sun has been compared to Stars are Blind, which was arguably the best thing Paris Hilton ever did for the world. Hilton's newest songs is arguably the worst thing she has ever done to the world (JOKING - making being famous for doing nothing is what is sending that ho to hell.)

Well, music Monday is NOT off to a good start.


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