Monday, June 9, 2014

Real Housewife of Vancouver Jody Claman's daughter shot at gas station


The Real Housewives of Vancouver daughter Mia Deakin, daughter of Jody Claman was shot outside of a gas station in East Vancouver according to Van City Buzz.

According to the report, Deakin was shot in the back and is currently at the hospital in stable condition.

The police currently think that this was a targeted shooting.  I know that Mia was not the nicest person on the show, and she probably isn't in real life, but what could she possibly have done to deserve getting SHOT. Good God.

Mia and her mom were definitely the villains of the show when it was on. The Real Housewives of Vancouver was cancelled after the second season of the show.



  1. I'd say having a coke dealer boyfriend would be a start.

  2. The man she was with was the target, not her.

  3. Karma Karma Karma

  4. Any girl who hangs out with a gangster cause they think its hot that he's a "bad boy" is asking for it. They aren't really a victim if they are putting themself in that position ... like what do you expect to come from those sorts of dealings? The funny thing is, he initially took off when he got shot while she was bleeding on the floor of the gas that just goes to show what a great, caring guy he is LOL


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