Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Will you have sex with Paul Rudd for $1?

Billy Eichner is at it again. I love his new segments with celebrities, but I do kind of prefer him just running around and yelling random things in people's faces and running away.

After the last flop with Lena Dunham (Side: I know you bitches loved that, but it was stupid and not funny. Like, extremely dumb.) he had kind of a hit with Paul Rudd. They went around and Billy yelled at girls asking them if they would have sex with Paul Rudd for $1. Stupid. He should have been asking them for money. Of course everyone was going to say yes, except of course, that crazy lady with the painted on hair and the married woman.

Best lines of this episode of Billy on the Street:

"I'm sorry that you're being paraded around..."
"Excuse me! Give me that dollar wench!"

"You can't do that gay crap. If you're going to have sex with a gay person YOU GO JIM PARSONS OR YOU GO HOME."

"Who wants to have sex with Paul Rudd? He has more money than Jason Segel!"


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