Sunday, April 13, 2014

The last single Backstreet Boy is no more: Nick Carter got married

12 year old me is dying!!!!!!!!!



Side Note 1: Everything is a side note to my despair of the final single Backstreet Boy tying the knot. I would have even settled with Kevin. Or Howie. Like seriously - any of them with Nick and Brian obviously being my one and two (and AJ my number three either before the baldness or after the hair plugs).

Side Note 2: They got married in Santa Barbara on Saturday April 12, 2014. Her name is Lauren Kitt. I hate her...on principle. She's probably very nice.

Side Note 3: Aaron Carter wasn't there, he was at home planning on how he was going to win Hilary Duff over with no money and no future (this is, of course, sarcasm - he missed the wedding because of a plane malfunction and he tweeted Nick that he was missing it. Nick only gives his phone number to those in his inner circle, clearly. Sorry Aaron, move along.)

Side Note 4: Apparently none of the Carter clan attended. I believe they hate each other. My hopes of a House of Carters Season 2: Anchors Away where they live on a small boat for a month is 100% never going to happen. So many crushed dreams today. Life is not fair.

Side Note 5: All of the Backstreet Boys were in attendance. Bros for life.

Side Note 6: AJ's 17 month old daughter was the flower girl. (Side note to this side note: Why do people put babies in weddings when the human needed to fulfill the role has a purpose? The flower girl is supposed to throw things. The ring bearer is supposed to carry the rings - both things babies can't do. People need to check themselves. For real.)

Side Note 7: US Weekly said that Howie, AJ and Brian were at the wedding but failed to mention Kevin was there - LIKE THEY FORGOT HE REJOINED THE BAND. Rude. Kevin was there. He tweeted about it. Geez.

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