Sunday, April 27, 2014

Popularization of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo: The rise of the Disney Princess

Did you see a random Spiderman or Stormtrooper walking down the street this weekend? If you were in Calgary, I am 99% sure you were watching a coming or going from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. (If you were somewhere else, I have absolutely no explanation for what you saw - you may want to call your neighbourhood watch.)

Every year, the nerds head to the Expo dressed up ready to buy comics, play board games with each other and buy autographs and photos of their favorite obscure sci-fi idol. In recent years, expos/conventions have turned more mainstream with the popularization of 'nerd culture'. The Comic Cons of the States are no longer just for the guys playing World of Warcraft in their parent's basements.

What does that mean for the basement nerds? Nothing really, they will still be there...walking around, still unaware of the purpose of a bar of soap.* It just means that the Expos get bigger as they attract a larger audience. Where there used to be nerds, there will be nerds and As far as I could tell, the nerds didn't seem to mind too much that the bandwagon jumpers were there, taking up precious space in various autograph line ups. The non-nerds can't say anything about anything because they know this isn't there territory - there isn't quite enough of them yet to revolt demand showers before entry.**

One of the best parts of the Expo for the observer is the costumes. Some of them are terrible, but some of them are incredibly creative and people work for months to bring them all together. This year, more so than any other year, we saw an onslaught of Disney costumes. Maybe it was because Frozen was such a hit this year, or because those mainstream people don't know any other characters - either way, it was a Disney princess runway show.

I went on my search for all of the Disney princesses. It was my goal to find them ALL. (SPOILER: I failed.)

Cinderella and Prince Charming. Belle and Beast. 
Ladies with their princes...showing up the 80% of the people in attendance who were most definitely single.
(Side Note: Cinderella and Prince Charming got engaged on stage during the Expo parade in Olympic Plaza. Ugh, I know right? So obnoxious.)

Snow White 
(Side Note: This lady had 3 kids and they were dressed up as X-Men - total missed opportunity for dwarfs. Fail.)

Giselle from Enchanted
This girl even talked like Amy Adams did in the movie. I had to hold myself back from reflexively punching her in the face. She was just in character. Calm down Jes.

Merida from Brave

Ariel from Little Mermaid with Jessie and Woody from Toy Story 
(Or maybe she was Jennifer Lawrence in her Oscars dress with red hair - it can be so confusing figuring out what these people are trying to be sometimes.)

Tiana from Princess and the Frog

And then of course...everyone's current favorite - the cast of Frozen. An abundance of Elsa and Anna's running around and I even heard there was an Olaf (but I didn't see him - so probably false.)



Elsa and Anna

Elsa and Jack Frost

There were more...but come on. Enough already.

I know I missed a lot of the princesses. I was so disappointed that I even tried to get this guy to agree that his costume was, in fact, Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and he wouldn't. He was pretty pissed that I would even suggest that he was anything besides Princess Peach from Mario Brothers. For real.
Princess Peach from Mario Brothers

Maybe on year I will complete my quest for all Disney princesses, but for now, that's all she wrote.


*Not all nerds have unbecoming hygiene habits. For the sake of this article and my incessant need to hyperbolize everything, I will just say that they all are a little less polished than the average Joe.
**This year wasn't actually that bad. I've seen worse. See - it is already getting better.

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  1. Thank you for not punching me in the face ;) I was the Giselle


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