Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last day of April turns into a huge news day: Ford, Bieber, Carter and Knight

April 30, 2014 was a big day!

It all started when the internet memes of a young Justin Timberlake sporting a bleached fro started making their rounds on the internet because...It's Gonna Be May.

We need to have at least 10 minutes of our life reserved every year to remember where Justin came from, so we can appreciate so much more where he is now (Rest in peace forever N*SYNC).

Then Rob Ford was all over the news again. This is not surprising, he is a sensationalists wet dream.  First he has an altercation with Ontario's other great disappointment, Justin Bieber. Bieber supposedly asked him at a nightclub if he had any crack. And Rob got pissy. What Rob? How is this offensive. It's an honest question and if I smoked crack and saw you I'd probably ask you the same thing.

Moving on.

Then it comes out that the Globe and Mail has two reporters who have seen a video of Rob Ford smoking crack AGAIN at his sister's house and they have published screen captures of an image that looks like Ford holding a crack pipe.

Twice, Rob - really? I'd say get your life together, but that's never going to happen.

Then a rumour that starts that Rob Ford has a sex tape and...holy Hannah can we just be done with Rob Ford forever?! The actual proof behind this sex tape is not confirmed and seriously, who would want to be the one to do that?

Rob Ford then issued a statement, after they found the second video of him smoking crack, stating he is going to take a leave of absence to get help for alcohol abuse. Totally makes sense. He only does crack when he is in a drunken stupor.

While all of this was going on you may have missed the biggest news of the day - Nick Carter and Jordan Knight have become a duo and recorded and album AND ARE GOING ON TOUR.

This would probably have been bigger news had the entire Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block bands not already toured together, but that is still grade A level greatness!

They made the announcement and released the first single off of their album.

Before you listen please note: it's terrible. But that's not really what matters is it? I mean, if you're listening to the new NKOTB and BSB stuff for quality...I'm concerned for you. But you should just be listening because you are a true fan for life. Which means, until you die. Which means, if you are still breathing you will buy this album and a ticket to the tour.

Bieber, Ford, Carter, Knight. WHAT A DAY.


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