Friday, April 4, 2014

Interview: Andrew Gordon leaves the Big Brother Canada house

This week on Big Brother Canada the twist was - Canada was HoH. Which means, they get to pick the nominees. In the end it was Andrew Gordon from Calgary that felt the wrath of first Canada and then the other houseguests and was sent out the door.

I'm not a huge proponent of fans having so much say in the game, but this season has proven to be quite boring and I understand that the producers need to shake things up. Canada picked Andrew and Sabrina to go on the block. Not surprising. They were running the house for too long.

In the PoV competition Sabrina and Andrew both bombed leaving the door open for Jon to take home the win. Jon decided against using the PoV and said it was because he respected Canada's choices and he wasn't sure who the replacement nominee was going to be. Smart.

It was pretty much a done deal that Andrew was going to be going home since Sabrina had ties with everyone in the house and Andrew just had ties to the First Five alliance (which is basically no longer in existence - the sooner Kenny, Sarah and Sabrina figure that out, the better.) They made it appear like Andrew was trying to get the votes, but he knew it was inevitable.

Andrew is now heading home and, from his post-eviction Side Show interview, under the impression that the entire country thinks he is a dick. I actually felt bad for him in the Side Show interview. He just got kicked out, he finds out all of these secrets about Kenny and Allison and then Arisa is getting on his case for saying "dumb bitch" to Ika and Peter is his usual charming self (aka. he is a bigger ass hole than Andrew, the world sees this right?)

In my conversation with Andrew I had so many questions. What I really should have asked was "How badly did you want to punch Peter in the face when he called you a 'bald whiny bitch'." But I didn't because I was hungover and forgot. Fail.

Jes: Canada was the HoH this week, and I just wanted to know what your opinion is on fans outside of the Big Brother house having that much power in the game.

Andrew: To be perfectly honest, I was taken aback. I never saw that as a possibility and you feel helpless in a situation like that. I thought it was kind of unfair, but at the end of the day nothing about this show is about fairness and neither is life. You just get dealt these hands sometimes and you gotta roll with it.

Jes: Kenny made his big reveal last night to you, and I was just wondering what you thought his strategy was behind the hiding the fact that he is gay in the house.

Andrew: I have been thinking about this all day, since last night...all night. It was a sleepless night needless to say. I think that ugh, I'm not really sure what his strategy was. I don't see how it could have effected him in a negative way, coming out on the show. I don't really see that as a bad thing. I could only really speculate maybe he wanted to keep doors open with the females of the house and maybe that was his reason for it.

Jes: I'm based out of Calgary, so my readers will want to know what your plans are once you come back to the city.

Andrew: I want to fall into a local celebrity situation immediately and be adored by all my fans. So that is pretty much my plan forever after this. Ha ha. In all honesty, I will cool down. I'll meet up with my parents who I am dying to see. Catch up with all of my friends, have some drinks and then settle down into real life.


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