Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Good for Grapes does Canadian tour

Folk music has been gaining momentum for the past few years and is at its peak with the likes of the ever popular Mumford and Sons (and others of the exact same sound). It was only a matter of time before Canadian band of the same started to pop up.

Good for Grapes is a folk band from Surrey, BC. They are one of these bands that I was referring to. I liked their song Renminbi Tips (I have NO idea what that means) and now it looks like they are doing a Canadian tour. Joy. They start it in the happiest place on earth (if you are a sadist and want to have a parka and shorts on hand every hour of the day - just in case).


Good for Grapes Canadian tour dates:

Apr. 30 @ Broken City, CALGARY, AB
May. 1 @ The Pawn Shop, EDMONTON, AB
May. 2 @ Vangelis Tavern, SASKATOON, SK (w/ Zerbin)
May. 3 @ Pyramid Cabaret, WINNIPEG, MB (w/ Zerbin)
May. 4 @ Bijou Steakhouse, KENORA, ON (w/ Zerbin)
May. 6 @ The Casbah, HAMILTON, ON (w/ Zerbin)
May. 7 @ Supermarket, TORONTO, ON (*Canadian Music Week)
May. 8 @ Clarkson Pub, BARRIE, ON
May. 9 @ The Great Hall, TORONTO, ON (*Canadian Music Week)
May. 9 @ Rivoli, TORONTO, ON (*Canadian Music Week)
May. 10 @ Van Gogh’s Ear, GUELPH, ON (w/ Zerbin)
May. 13 @ Divan Orange, MONTREAL, QC (w/ Zerbin)
May. 14 @ The Mansion, KINGSTON, ON (w/ Zerbin)
May. 16 @ Cluster Bar, LEVIS, QC (w/ Zerbin)
May. 17 @ Sgt Pepper Club, THETFORD MINES, QC (w/ Zerbin)
May. 22 @ The Root Community Emporium, LLOYDMINSTER, SK (w/ Zerbin)
Aug. 10 @ Sqamish Festival, SQUAMISH, BC 

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  1. Every week that goes by, the Grapes have another breakthrough of some sort. Loyal fans, radio airplay and a nice buzz are following this gang wherever they go.


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