Saturday, April 12, 2014

Big Brother Canada Interview: Dynamic duo Kenny Brian and Sarah Miller fall to double eviction

This week on Big Brother Canada the houseguests had their first double eviction of the season.

Sarah was the first one evicted and then when Sabrina and Rachelle were put on the block in the first double eviction and Kenny was not picked to play in the veto his fate was sealed.

Sarah did try to get the votes to stay, but the house was not swayed. Before she left, Kenny said "F-ck it" and told the house that he was gay. They were all pretty shocked. It was the best moment of the season - because 1. Kenny was involved and 2. Sabrina said something ignorant and looked like an idiot. Win win.

After they were sent packing back to back I had a quick chat with the newest Big Brother evictees:

Jes: Hi Sarah. Have you talked to or seen your kids yet?

Sarah: I have not.

Jes: That's so sad!

Sarah: I know, but you know what, the emotion of it is actually...being in the house and not knowing when you are going to see them is the hardest part. Now sitting here knowing, exactly when I'm going to talk to them and exactly when I'm going to see them next takes that all away. I'm so excited for that moment and reveling in all the fun stuff I'm doing today.

Jes: So, Heather was the one that sent you home. How do you feel about the fact that you basically showed your cards to the whole house by saving Heather and she was the one who sent you packing.

Sarah: I KNOW! I hated that! I even said to Kenny, you guys were the ones that wanted me to do this and now she's taking me down. You know, in the moment when we saved Heather, that's what I thought was best for my game and to be honest I don't know how much of a role Heather actually played in this weeks HoH. I'm pretty confident it was Arlie and Jon that took me down and not Heather. It is slightly ironic, and ugh, I'll laugh about it when I'm done being angry.

Jes: There were a lot of twists in the game this year. Which one was the most surprising to you?

Sarah: When I found out last night that three people had lived basically in a bomb shelter box for who knows how long, I think that was the craziest thing ever. That was the craziest twist to me. Allison coming into the house, was crazy. Finding out that they actually lived in a little room, trying with little bobbleheads what was going on in the house - that just blew my mind.

Then to chat with evictee number two. Needless to say, I am so disappointed about Kenny's ousting, I may stop watching the show all together:

Jes: Hi Kenny.

Kenny: Hey, how's it goin?

Jes: Not good, you got kicked out of the house last night!

Kenny: Oh, imagine how I'm feeling!

Jes: Well, probably not as bad as me, but OK. You can have this one.

Kenny: Hahahahah

Jes: So, you made the biggest headlines outside of the house with your decision to play 'straight' in the game and a lot of people were mad about it. Do you think the viewers had the right to judge you for making this decision as a game move?

Kenny: Um, well no. Not really. I'm the one that was playing the game. It's really hard to place judgement on a situation you're not involved in. Going into the game, I felt that playing it straight would leave more doors and roads open for me to possibly continue on in the game. I felt going in there, keeping more options open was my best bet.

Jes: Of all of the people in the first five alliance, were you surprised that Arlie was the first one to flip sides?

Kenny: Um, no. I'm not that surprised. I've had suspicions about Arlie for a long time. Our conversations going back and forth, there was no give, there was only take. He was very diplomatic saying "I agree, I agree" without giving any two cents ever. The fact that he never really had any sort of input automatically gave me some red flags. Everyone else was very outspoken and very opinionated.

Jes: If you were to be placed back in a similar living situation, in a house with a bunch of people, which of the houseguests from this season would you want to be with you and which would you not.

Kenny: Absolutely 1 million percent I'd want Sarah there with me. We connected on so many different levels. Emotionally, mentally, and strategically we were very much on the same page. We worked very well together which obviously was picked up by the other houseguests because we were such big targets. As for who I wouldn't want in there it would be um...probably Heather. Her voice drove me absolutely insane and her comments about absolutely anything were trivial and annoying so I feel for my sanity I wouldn't want to be back in the house with her.

And that folks, is why Kenny is my favorite.


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