Friday, April 25, 2014

Avril Lavigne's Hello Kitty: No press is bad press, Success

Avril Lavigne made headlines this week after she released her music video for Hello Kitty.

Critics pounced and claimed the three minute colour assault on the eyes was racist and offensive. It's pretty clear to anyone with brain function, that she wasn't making this video for the critics. Lavigne doesn't make music for critics, the critics have hated her since some time around 2004 when she became socially irrelevant.

The scream is that it's trying to be all about Japanese popular culture (or J-Pop, as they call it) and Lavigne is, SURPRISE, not Japanese. Her fans however, are. So is it that  she made a song and a video targeted at the Japanese market? Not really. No press is bad press, especially when it comes to this girl, because that's all the press she ever receives.

The biggest thing Lavigne has done in this side of the world in the last decade was getting married to Chad Kroeger. Which was the most offensive thing any person could do. People already can't stand her, so making a little splash using a irritating song and an ill-advised video is not really going to hurt her. If she was more popular, I would expect it may do some damage.

The biggest question here is, do the Japanese love it? I did a little recon, and as far as I can tell, the mainstream Japanese media doesn't seem to care whatsoever that Lavign filmed a video in Tokyo and released it this week. There are a couple of posts like this, but nothing major.

So her fans aren't really talking about it and everyone else hates her for it. Sounds like a pretty standard Lavigne success story.


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