Sunday, April 6, 2014

Anna Kendrick is the Little Mermaid on SNL

Anna Kendrick hosted SNL last night and it was not terrible. I mean, it was partially terrible because SNL generally sucks at life, but the terrible was definitely toned down.

The best skit was the Little Mermaid one, where they made light of what pop culture considers 'singing'. Love it. Anna Kendrick rapping is my new favorite thing...well, one of them. That and making a point of yelling at little girls who are still singing Let It Go. AND YOU WONDER WHY WE ARE STILL IN WINTER!

Still, my favorite SNL skit of the last five years has got to be this one. So good.

UPDATE: The SNL lawyers were working overtime this week - looks like they have combed every inch of the internet to remove this skit from existence. Why would they not want people watching their good skits? I mean, then people could at least THINK that it wasn't 100% garbage.


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