Wednesday, March 5, 2014

RECAP: Big Brother Canada returns: Houseguest first impressions

Big Brother Canada season 2 premiered tonight. I haven't fully decided if I like anyone in the house yet. The first glance (their entrance into the house and the pre-edit of them packing their bags at home) did not give me hope that there was a single person that I would warm up to.

By tomorrow's episode, the houseguests will have been in the house for a week and it will start to get real. The first episode is usually not a good tell on how the season will go, but I will attempt to give you my picks.

I pretty much know I hate you: Heather and Anick
Who will annoy me more? It's a tough one. The blond squealer from Edmonton who had a pillow fight with her roommate in her pre-house edit and the minnie mouse girl with the glasses who talks about 'energy'. Both annoying in different ways. Both potential targets for murder.

I have forgotten you already: Sarah
The 32 year old mom. I had to look on the website for her name and anything about her.

The house will end up hating you: Paul
He won the first head of house - and it's like he doesn't know that puts a target on him. Fool.

Douche of the season award: Kyle
I am pretty sure this was predetermined by the casting director - but if Kyle isn't the biggest douche at the end of the season - I'll give money to charity.*

I might have a problem with you: Kenny
Kenny looks like a hipster-neanderthal cross. And then he let's us know he is gay. SURPRISE. He did say that he wasn't going to tell people in the house he was gay and he would make out with a girl if it would advance him in the game. I get it - but I don't feel good about it. Love that they went the full opposite of Gary though for casting that role.

You are from my city so I have an obligation to cheer for you: Andrew
The 'beer geek' from Calgary is a hometown boy - so I have to cheer for him. And I will - I will cheer for his lip to get an infection causing him to remove that unsightly nose ring. Who are you?

Your face annoys me: Arlie
I can't even look at this guy without being annoyed. If he was contributing to the world I may have less of a problem with him. But your current occupation being 'in training for Big Brother' is not helping your case.

I think you may start a showmance: Rachelle and Jon
The yogi from Edmonton and the hockey player from the East Coast. It's just too easy.

I love one of your accessories: Neda
Neda wore a side ponytail with a scrunchy in the diary room when talking about the standing on ice competition. She is my hero. Please let this trend continue.

That's it for initial observations.

As far as a recap goes. All of the houseguests entered...Kyle unbuttoned his shirt...they drank champagne...they did their first challenge...Paul won...the end.

The first challenge was interesting, making the HGs stand on blocks of ice until there was only one person standing. Pretty sure that could do permanent damage to your feet (someone from Saskatchewan or Manitoba help me out here), but they lasted for a while until Paul told the final 7 that they would be safe if they let him win. Then it was over. Fun.


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