Monday, March 31, 2014

Partial O-Town Reunion announced

O-Town has announced their reunion after being apart for 10 years. Well actually, they have announced a semi-reunion. Ashley Parker Angel, otherwise known as the hottest one in the group and the reason pretty much everyone watched that season of Making the Band, is NOT going to be rejoining the 'band'.

So, it will be Erik and the other 3 guys that no one remembers.

I am not impressed that they would even think about reuniting without the golden haired wonder, but we all know 90s boy bands are my guilty pleasure. Any of them that want to get back together, please do. Soul Decision? Five? B44?

The band has been talking about getting back together for  over 3 years now. It was early in 2011 that the 'twitter rumours' started and then Ashley said no dice.

The 4 guys may be OK with the missing member, but - I WANT IT ALL, OR NOTHING AT ALL. (Or Just Ashley Parker Angel, really. The others can kick rocks.)


Side: Did anyone else ever notice that the first guy singing sounds like he has a lisp?

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