Friday, March 21, 2014

Nun on The Voice Italy subliminally petitions for a Sister Act 3

A nun auditioned for The Voice in Italy and the internet is LOVING it.

First of all, The Voice is in Italy.

Second, I feel like I would like all of those judges better than the ones on the American version - based on facial expression alone.

Third, OK, but it's not like we all haven't seen a nun but out in song before. Sister Act? Come on people. Not that I don't think it good. it was awesome that she escaped the Vatican walls for a day, but she wasn't THAT amazing. However, if Whoopi did decide to make another movie, they could always cast this one in Sister Act 3.

I really have no idea why the judge with the toque was practically crying listening to her. Based on that I am going to guess that the other contestants are sub-sub-par.


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