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Movie Review: Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars, the teen detective, came back after 10 years. Well, seven years if you are counting the years since the TV show, which lasted three seasons, ended. A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign was started in March 2013 by series star Kristen Bell and creator Rob Thomas. They wanted to get fans to raise $2 million so they could make a movie and bring back their beloved Veronica. They more than doubled their goal and ended up raising more than $5 million from online donations.

One year later, almost to the day, Veronica Mars, the feature film, was released in theatres and then on iTunes and VOD.

I went and saw the film the day of it's release. I was surrounded by people wearing t-shirts they received from financing the movie and the theatre was buzzing with people recapping three seasons of dramatic teen TV goodness.

SPOILER ALERT. Seriously, don't make me tell you again.

I liked Veronica Mars, but I wasn't a super fan. This movie wasn't made for me. It was made for the super fans. As it should be, they paid for it. When the last series ended, there were many things that were left in a place that did not sit well with the fans (producers probably hoped the show would not get cancelled). For example, Veronica ending up with Piz.

No offense to Piz, but no. Veronica was meant to be with Logan and screw everyone who says otherwise. I literally ended watching the series all those years ago thinking, I hate you Rob Thomas. Life ruiner.

Clearly that mistake needed to be fixed. And that's it. I mean, there were probably more things, but that was the only one important enough for me to dwell on and be annoyed with about for 7 years.

The movie takes place 9 years after the series ended. We see that Veronica is doing well. She is living in New York and graduated from law school. She is currently going through the process of interviewing for a job at a prestigious law firm right before her 10 year high school reunion. Of course, she is not going to go because, well, Ronnie hates all those bitches and would rather slice herself than go (my words, not hers).

Then it happens. Dun dun dun. Logan (swoon) is charged with the murder of his girlfriend, pop star Carrie Bishop (who also went to high school with them). He asks Veronica to come back to California and solve all of his problems (OK, he asked her to help him find a lawyer, but it means the same thing to me).


Veronica wants nothing to do with Neptune, CA and is doing well in her pant-suit life trying to become a full blown lawyer while dating Piz. (Side note: She has not been dating Piz for the last 9 years. According to a quick sentence from Piz to someone he works with, they dated in University and recently got back together.)

Veronica can't say no to Logan and returns to Neptune to 'find Logan a lawyer'. One day turns into days and days until the high school reunion is upon them. She ends up going, after Wallace and Mac force her to and fly Piz out to come as well. Idiots.

She goes to the reunion and a fight breaks out after someone decides to show her and Logan's sex tap on the main projector (keep it classy Neptune High). Logan and Piz both participate in the brawl. Fun times.

Veronica decides she is onto something with Logan's murder investigation and starts to get up to her old tricks. Yada yada yada, she gets info, lies to people, does her detective thing and figures out who the real killer actually was.

Besides the whole Piz/Logan thing, it very much felt like a extended episode of the show. Kind of like the second Sex and the City movie. It was good, but not really 'movie story' quality.

So what happens with Veronica and Logan? Glad you asked, it was the only thing I was 100% paying attention to.

Piz heads back to New York after the reunion because his parents are coming to town to meet Veronica. She promises him she will be there when they arrive. Obviously, that is a lie. She calls Piz as his parents get out of a cab in New York and tells him she never got on a plane. He breaks up with her because - well, Piz has some pride and you don't stand up Mr. and Mrs. Piz.

At some point during the movie she gets a job offer from that prestigious law firm she interviewed for. Then at another point they take back their offer because she ignores their calls and doesn't come back to the city for work. That is real life Ron.

After Veronica's dad is a victim of someone trying to kill him (unsuccessful) and a deputy (successful) by ramming their car, Logan brings Veronica home from the hospital and puts her to bed. A very awkward 'wait don't go, screw me now' scene happens and BOOM - they are back together and all is right with the world.

By the end of the movie, Veronica has solved the murder and shows signs of moving back and working at the P.I. business again. You just cannot escape can you Ronnie? Tisk.

Logan is now in the navy, of course, and is heading out on a tour (or whatever that branch of the military calls their stints abroad). He says bye to Veronica, they exchange super cheesy lines and then it is over.


Verdict: 3.1 Stars


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