Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lindsay Lohan's docu-series on OWN (TRAILER)

The Lindsay Lohan docu-series on the OWN Network is starting on Sunday and it looks...like you would expect it to. Lindsay having hissy fits and Ope stepping in to set her straight.

Clearly Oprah was going to have a part in the show because it is on her network - but Lindsay, for goodness sake girl, Mama O is busy, she ain't got time to be going to your house to put you in line every time you want to be a brat!

I mean, if anyone is gonna fix her, it's gonna be Oprah (yeah - that's right Dr. Phil.)

Are we over Lindsay yet? Or are we still hoping for a comeback? (And when I say 'we' I mean 'you' the mass public, I gave up on her long ago.)

The docu-series Premieres Sunday at 10|9c on OWN


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