Friday, March 21, 2014

INTERVIEW: Big Brother Canada's third evictee Paul Jackson

This week on Big Brother Canada Ika had control of the house...or so she thought. After winning the HoH she decided, along with her pack of girls, that she is going to get rid of squeaks (aka Heather). The first five alliance (made up of Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina, Arile and Sarah) wanted to get rid of Paul. Andrew still had a beef with him from his previous HoH and wanted him gone.

Ika was sure she had the votes to get Heather out of the game. She even sat Paul down 4 days prior to the eviction night and told him he was sitting pretty. Paul never seemed completely sold on Ika's declaration and Heather was quite oblivious to the fact that all of the girls, who she so naively thought were her friends, were wanted to kick her to the curb.

Because Sarah and Sabrina were still running with the girls as well as the First Five, it made it impossible for Kenny and Andrew to get the votes without exposing one of them to the girls side. They twisted Sarah's arm enough and she caved. There was no going back. Sarah is done with the girls alliance.

With his fate hanging in the balance as soon as he walked in the door having almost 20 years on everyone else in the house and then sealing it by winning the first HoH (ROOKIE MISTAKE), Paul headed out the door with a surprise (to Heather) vote of 6-4. Dun dun dun.

After his eviction, I had a quick chat with Paul.

Jes: Besides the obvious guys and girls alliances in the house, who did you suspect was in an alliance?

Paul: OK. I think that they are definitely two people alliances. I think that Sabrina and Sarah are in an alliance. Ika and Adel are definitely in an alliance, and that's by default. I think that Kenny and Andrew are in one. I think that Arlie is actually playing with Jon, surprisingly. I know that the Newfies want to go to the end together, but for now Arlie and Jon have made a connection. Heather's kind of on the outside. Rachelle is on the outside...Neda and Rachelle? I don't know. It's hard to tell. I could be way off base.

Jes: After Ika sat you down and told you that you were safe and had the votes, was there a point that you thought for sure that was not the case or were you surprised that you got evicted?

Paul: You know, I knew for sure that Ika was going to realize that I was not coming after her. I think Adel did a good job at convincing her of that. Ika knew that for me to go meant that she becomes a big target, it was well within her interest to keep me there as long as possible not to have the heat on her. She got that. The fact that she told me four days prior to the eviction was really premature for me. In this game every hour in the house changes. I knew that this was a 50/50...actually at one point, the day before the eviction, I gave it a 45/55 me in favour of staying. There wasn't confidence in this actually working. I wasn't all that surprised.

Jes: After last week's eviction, Allison came into the house as a twist by Big Brother. I was just wondering your thoughts on the decision to bring someone into the house after you had been in there so long.

Paul: I thought that this was not in Allison's favour. She came in and before she even, like when people saw her from outside there was already, you know, "She's gotta go. She's gotta go." So I knew she was at a disadvantage coming in two weeks late. She hadn't solidified any relationships any alliances and I think that her game is going to be short lived for that reason.

As short lived as Paul's? Time will tell.


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