Friday, March 14, 2014

INTERVIEW: Big Brother Canada's Kyle Shore after the backdoor

Last night on Big Brother Canada, Kyle Shore became the second houseguest evicted and the first backdoor evictee of the season.

After King Paul's reign as HoH, the crown was passed off to Andrew. Paul didn't do himself any favours during his week on top and became public enemy number one when he bad mouthed Andrew and called him a racist (which is part of Paul's 'plan' to become the villan and making it to the end of the game. Uh huh. Don't ask.)

Andrew had a personal vendetta against Paul and put him on the block next to Neda - the pawn.  Kenny then came up with the brilliant plan to use this opportunity to get rid of another one of the guys, one that may be able to beat them in compeitions (ie. not Paul). 

After the house turned against Paul, Kyle and Adel stupidly aligned themselves with him. And because those two were now on the outs with the rest of the house, it made it easy for Kenny and Andrew to then turn around and target Kyle.

The veto competition was won by Kenny and lost - big time - by Paul, who exited the competition after his first try at the obstacle course which was mainly based around heights.

Kenny kept with the plan and decided to take Neda off the block giving Andrew the opportunity to put up at a replacement. Andrew replaced Paul with Kyle.

With the house all aligned against Adel, Paul and Kyle - the writing was on the wall: the personal trainer was heading back to the gym.

Kyle was voted out 9-1, with Adel being his only vote to stay. Once he exited the house he hijacked the usual exit protocol and made a heartfelt speech. Poor Arisa, do they not realize she is trying to keep things within time. She clearly wanted to cut him off, but how do you even do that when someone is talking about 'loving everyone and race doesn't matter'.

After Kyle's eviction, I was able to ask him a couple of questions about his time in the house. Now, I have done my share of interviews, some awkward and some that feel like you are trying to get water from a rock...never in all my years of doing this have a run into a person who wouldn't seriously answer my questions.

I asked Kyle first about his first impressions of the people in the house. If you were on Big Brother, one would assume you would think about the different types of people they would cast. So I asked him.

Jes: When you were in the hotel preparing to go on the show, you were probably thinking about the different kinds of people who would be in the house with you. Was there anyone there who you were really surprised that they got cast on the show?

KYLE: I don't know. I was walking my dog one day and a van rolls up, I got beat in the face with a bat and I woke up in the Big Brother house. So, I don't know. I'm still traumatized. It's weird when you roll out of a cardboard box and your in a place with a bunch of random people.

Is this guy for real? I have three damn questions and he is saying this sh*t? So I ask again.

Jes: So there was no one there that you thought "It's weird that you're here."?

KYLE: I'm still dazed and confused. I have a lump on my head and I was bleeding profusely.  I've forgotten everything up to that point.

So, no comment? What a weirdo. I move on.

Jes: Besides aligning yourself with Paul, what was the worst game move you made?

KYLE: Worst game move I made? Well, it was probably aligning myself with Paul.

Jes: But besides that? (Because clearly you did not listen to my question.)

KYLE: Losing.

A man of so many words. PS. 'Losing' is not a game move.

Jes: OK. You probably haven't seen any episodes of the show yet, but the edit shows you undoing your shirt as soon as you walked in the house. Is that the timeline that that actually happened?

KYLE: Yes. Yes, I came in, I was built and I have an amazing body, so I was introduced to the public and of course the shirt was coming off. I want the ladies to tune in. The ratings have to turn up somehow right?

Remember the night before this interview when he made that heartwarming speech to the country and everyone was saying, "We love Kyle. Kyle is actually not what we thought!"? FYI - He is exactly what you thought.


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