Friday, February 7, 2014

Shaun White rocks the Opening Ceremonies with short hair

The 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremony was OK. Nothing too brilliant happened. An Austrian team member fell on their face; the Venezuelan flagbearer was by far the most enthusiastic person in the building; Canadians marched in a sea of red and Putin looked unimpressed for the entire 4 hours.

My biggest observation of the evening was Shaun White. Um, babe alert.

You remember Shaun White - the snowboarder from the States who reminded us all for years that it is possible for Carrot Top to have a twin.  Well White has cut his hair - drastically improving his chances of getting an STD in Russia.

Pay no attention to the ugly Christmas sweater inspired uniforms that the American team was forced to wear *cringe*. What a difference a hair cut makes.

Men take note. You too could get laid tonight, if you chop off your lady mane.


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