Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Big Brother Canada Season 2 Houseguests Announced: Breakdown by Numbers

Big Brother Canada is gearing up to kick off season 2 of the reality franchise and now we know who we will be watching! The cast was announced today with one person TBD.

A couple of observations coming out of the initial houseguest bios. First, it’s a young cast. As was in the inaugural season, the bulk of the cast falls in the 24-28 age range and there is really only one ‘non-young’ person. There is a man from Toronto who is 43 and the next oldest person is a 32 year old woman from Langley. 32 is not that old.

For the first time ever Quebec will be represented on the show. Hoorah for the French. There are two houseguests from Montreal. One of them is originally from Newfoundland – but he has a crazy hipster beard and clearly belongs in Montreal, so I count him as QC.

Again Saskatchewan, Manitoba, PEI and the Territories were not represented. What gives BBCAN? I will have you know, the most entertaining people I know hail from Saskatchewan. And Manitobans (is that what we call them) can occasionally give those East Coasters a run for their money in the accent department. Just sayin.

Here is the breakdown by numbers, because people love stats.
  • 26: median age of people on the show
  • 7: male and female houseguests
  • 4: houseguests from both Ontario and Alberta
  • 2: houseguests above the age of 30
  • 3: houseguests living in Deadmonton (aka Edmonton)
  • 5: median ‘hotness’ of the houseguests (based on MOPO)
  • 6: houseguests whose jobs revolve around style and making people look good
  • 1: houseguests with an actual career
  • 3: houseguests with children
  • 3: houseguests who said they would miss their dogs the most
  • 2: houseguests from the East Coast (1 NL, 1 NS)

I think the bio questions were quite generic and gave me little to nothing to work to make my judgments on the houseguests. That’s fine, time will tell. I do think the Prairie region needs to unit and demand representation for season 3. Edmonton does not equal Prairie representation. Fail.


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