Sunday, January 12, 2014

RECAP: Girls, Season 3, Episode 1

Girls came back for season three! The first night back was two episodes (or a whole hour, depending on how you look at it).

Season 2 refresher: At the end of season 2 the girls were a little bit of a disaster. Jessa disappeared during the season after her and Hanna went to visit her dad. Marnie and Charlie got back together after Marnie realizes that Charlie is loaded after creating an app. Shoshanna and Ray broke up. Hanna was a complete mess and going over the edge with her OCD. At the very end of the finale Adam comes in to save the day and you are left hoping she doesn't go completely off the rails.  All in all, besides Marnie and Charlie - the end was depressing. Marnie and Charlie would have been a good silver lining if anyone actually liked Marnie and Charlie together and didn't think she was a gold digger and he was a walking vagina.

Now that you remember where we left off...

Marnie and Charlie have broken up. She is living on the couch at her mom's place. The break up doesn't look like it was her decision. She has a little bit of a melt down when Shoshanna and herself go to Hanna and Adam's for dinner. Adam said that he saw Charlie and danced around the issue of if it looked like he had a girl friend or not. Oh no, I'm sure this will not stop being an issue (even though we know Charlie is not coming back to the show - so we don't have to worry about them getting back together again). In the second episode Marnia moves into an apartment.

Hanna and Adam are together and he is living with her. She is looking much better and is taking pills for her disorder. She is still writing her e-book and tells her editor that she was having some problems and she is working on them. She is also going to therapy. Hanna is now trying to require Adam to have a bigger role in her life which includes hosting dinner parties and going on road trips with her friends. I don't know how long he is going to be able to keep this up.

Jessa is in rehab. Oh, that's where you've been hiding. Good to know. Of course it doesn't look like she is trying to actually improve anything, as she spends most of her time in group aggravating the other people. She outs a lesbian and then is caught going down on her. Subsequently she is kicked out of rehab. She calls Hanna and says that she needs her to come and get her and sign her out.

Shoshanna is pretty much non-existent in the first episode, which was not OK. You see her sleeping in a bed with a guy and then she tells Marnie and Hanna that she is going to focus on school and boys, but not romantically until she is done school. Oh Shosh. In the second episode, Shoshanna goes with Hanna and Adam to pick up Jessa. She drives Adam crazy, as she would.

Adam still has a healthy does of crazy, but kept the rage down in both of the episodes. They have a little run in with his ex girlfriend at the coffee shop. Her friend loses it on him and I think that is going to be the last time we see her. It looks like Lena Dunham is making Adam a little more of a human like character - not just a giant bunch of flaws like he has previously been portrayed as.

Ray was in the first episode for 3 seconds telling Lena that he doesn't want to see Shosh anymore and he is grateful that they live in a city where it is completely possible to never see someone that you don't want to. I don't know what this means for his future.

I'm not totally sold on this season yet. I had a few laughs, but I am still not over the insane stuff that went down in season two. Some good stuff needs to start happening here - any not just Lena's hair looking half decent.


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