Monday, December 2, 2013

Jamie Lynn Spears trying to launch her country singing career

Little sister Spears is trying to get back into the entertainment business. Jamie Lynn Spears released her first single of her country music career last week!

You may have forgot about baby Spears after she had a baby 6 years ago and dropped off everyone's radar. I was actually quite pleased that she decided to head back to the Louisana farm and raise her kid with her then fiancee. Get out of the rat race, ya know?

Then things fell through with her baby daddy. They broke up a couple of years later and she moved to Nashville to start her recording career. That was in 2010...slow and steady wins the race?

Bing, bang, boom, three years later we get to hear this little diddy. It's not terrible, but it's not what I'd say was the start to a long lasting career.

On the plus side, she got engaged to a guy named Jamie this year. So there's that.


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