Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Google Zeitgeist 2013 (VIDEO)

The first year of the Google Zeitgeist was in 2010. It was good, but nothing too spectacular. Then in 2011 they raised the bar and got the world's attention. It could have been the beginning of a grand legacy. Then in 2012 the video was so-so. I was expecting more for 2013.

Today, Google released their Zeitgeist for 2013 and much to my dismay, it was worse than last year. I think Google is really missing an opportunity here to produce quality work that can be referenced for years to come. What happened? This video has the same format as last years and it doesn't even encompass as many things. It looks like Google dropped the ball and last week got a group of interns to throw something together a couple of hours before home time.

I'm over the Zeitgeist now. Don't even bother in 2014 Google. It's not worth the half-assed effort.


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