Monday, November 18, 2013

Movie Review: Dallas Buyers Club (SPOILERS)

Oh boy. Can anybody say AWARDS SEASON?!

Dallas Buyers Club plays out a distressing, raw and slightly heroic story of Ron Woodroof, a free wheeling Dallas cowboy who contracts HIV in the 80s and fights to survive and turn a dollar while he's at it.  Woodroof gets his hands on the only government approved drug for AIDS, ATZ, and then when his supply runs out he goes south of the boarder to find some more medicine. Isn't that always the case? When all else fails, go to Mexico.

Woodroof decided to bring the supplements and proteins he was taking in Mexico back over the boarder to turn a profit. Cha-ching. With the help of his transgender friend Rayon, he is able to connect with other AIDS victims and get them on his regiment. The film then follows his run-ins with the law, the FDA and doctors as he starts a buyers club for his clients.

Matthew McConaughey's portrayal of Woodroof will most definitely earn him an Oscar nomination. And not just because he lost a sickly 50 pounds to play the AIDS ridden bone rack. It was not a pretty sight, think Christian Bale in The Fighter.

No, it wasn't the bone chiseled face that will nab him something this awards season.  He was playing a character of pain and determination who was kind of an ass hole, but the underdog at the same time. You wanted to route for him, but also kick him in the face. Those are the hardest characters to play. To get the audience to route for you while hosting very little in the way of redeeming qualities. Now that is a feat. McConaughey nailed it.

Maybe it is for the best. (SPOILER ALERT) As did most people who had AIDS in the 80s, Woodroof succumbed to his disease a few years after contracting. A semi-victorious story, but ending in death nontheless. It's probably better that I didn't really like Ron or I may have come home from the theatre, popped open a bottle of Chardonnay and listened to my funeral playlist. Tear.

I also need to mention Jared Leto who played the transgender sidekick Rayon. Oh my sweet Jesus. Leto, who was already a tiny man, lost 30 pounds to play a man also suffering from AIDS and I swear to God when he turned sideways you could barely see him. Revolting and applause worthy. I think Leto is such a weirdo in real life that people forget how talented he is. If McConaughey doesn't steal all the thunder from this movie I could see there being some Award season hardware in it for Leto as well.

Jennifer Garner plays a doctor who is sympathetic to Woodroof's situation and is by far the least interesting people on the screen. I was so underwhelmed by her that I forgot her name - and she was in the entire movie.

After seeing this movie I am excited for awards season. Bring on the acting Hollywood. I am ready.

Verdict: 4.1 Stars


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