Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Backstreet Boys unveil new video for Show Em (What You're Made Of) and AJ's gross beard

The Backstreet Boys released a new video today for their new single Show Em (What You're Made Of). Happy Hump Day INDEED!

There is not much to say about this body shots on a black background video, but obviously I have some things to say:
  • AJ, what kind of hipster hell have you fallen into? Is there a village living in that beard?
  • Glad to see that my boy Brian has kept his body pimpin. The only abs that we get to see. AJ is shirtless, but I am assuming he has developed a gut, thus we get a shoulder shot only.
  • Nick Carter is looking gooooood. Way better now than when he was an albino youth.
  • I am so glad Kevin is back in the band. When I think about the time he was not in the band it makes me want to cry. It was a dark era. Kevin, you complete me.
  •  Everyone's hair is looking good. Even AJ's. So glad he got those hair plugs.
  • I think Kevin should have to clap in all of their music videos from now on. It's the bestest.
  • I feel like I need to mention something about Howie.  It looks like he hasn't aged a day, you can tell he didn't go through a bad boy stage like some of the weathered looking boys.
I hope this video made you as joyous as it made me. I am elated. Now, to continue with the goodness here is a video from last month. In case you happened to miss the episode of Nick Carter on Dr. Phil, here is a video of Mr. C singing I Want It That Way acapella to the middle aged women of the Dr. Phil audience. Love it.


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