Friday, October 4, 2013

Movie Review: The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate is the newest biopic about a man of modern technology...not the 39 year old CBC news program, which is what I am sure everyone thought when I told them I went to the Fifth Estate last night.

The film tells the story of WikiLeaks an its founder Julian Assange. Well, it tells a version of the story. The movie is based off of two books, one being written by the former co-pilot of the site Daniel Domscheit-Berg. Berg's portrayal of Assange is a little less than complimentary. I am assuming Assange is a little bit insane in real life, but the version Benedict Cumberbatch played of him was unflattering.

If you think it is strange to be telling the WikiLeaks story while the founder is still held up in an Ecuadorian embassy because there are international warrants out for his arrest, you would not be alone. It is like telling a story when the book isn't complete yet. The end of the movie dragged on when it should have just ended after the big American Government cable leak. They shouldn't have tried to end it with some kind of resolution because there isn't one. Or, they should have waited to write the story until after it is over.

My one real stand out annoyance, besides those I have already listed were the cut scenes to the imaginary office filled with desks and name plates. They were cheesy and broke the flow of the film. Like, completely. If you asked me what happened in the movie I would have to think past the glaring stain of those scenes to even remember anything else. They were brutal.

I don't think there will be any shortage of technology bio movies to come in future years, thus this one will be aptly buried under a pile of other poorly told stories - with The Social Network sitting on top of all of them, laughing and ruling this genre of film from now until Aaron Sorkin writes another one.

Verdict: 2.1 Stars


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