Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jimmy Fallon donates $10,000 for N*SYNC inspired touchdown dance by Detriot Lions Joe Fauria

Jimmy Fallon is not my favorite late night host, but he does have some of the best online viral segments. It's probably because he is besties with all the cool kids - like JT.

After doing one of his many dance/song/rap/something with Justin Timberlake he requested that NFL players actually use the dances as their touchdown celebrations. He is aware that players generally get fined for showboating and promised to match the fine and make a donation to charity. The Detroit Lions rookie Joe Fauria did one of the dances...the one that sampled from the Bye Bye Bye dance. Obviously it was the best.

According to Fallon a payment of $10,000 will be made to the Make a Wish Foundation. Cute.


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