Friday, October 11, 2013

How did Finn Husdon die?

How did Finn Hudson die? That was the big question after last night’s Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson memorial episode of Glee, The Quarterback. I guess we’ll never know as Ryan Murphy decided to leave that little fact to the imagination. The episode was set three weeks after Finn’s funeral and no one breathed a word of how he ended up six feet under.

It has been years since I have watched an episode of Glee. I gave up on the show partway through season two and never looked back. I thought this episode may magically turn me back into a Gleek, but I shouldn’t have had such a fear. It just reaffirmed every reason I stopped watching it in the first place. Great singing, terrible acting and completely unrealistic story lines. I thought those kids could at least pull off the acting because there were real emotions there for them to pull from, but every sad scene felt forced – poor acting prevailed.

The one scene that did make me think about crying was the one where Finn’s mom Carole, stepdad and Kurt packing up his room. Props to Romy Rosemont who plays Carole. Best performance of the night. A tear jerker and what felt like the truest moment in the episode - even Lea Michele didn't come close.

Part of me thinks I shouldn’t be so hard on the cast for their lack of believable acting. They have been trained for years to play caricatures of real people and then all of a sudden I was expecting them to be able to do the unthinkable and act like real people? Shame on me.

The songs choices were less than stellar in my opinion as well. I know that they were singing songs that Finn did or had something to do with in the show, but I was definitely let down by the vast majority of them. Still, the Glee kids can sing and I wasn’t disappointed by that at all. Best song choice of the episode was Seasons of Love. The best.

I was shocked that they didn’t do any kind of flashbacks in the episode…or at least a Finn montage at the end. That wouldn’t be an abnormal way to send someone off from a TV show after a death, but instead we got a couple of close up shots of photos of Finn and that’s it. Part of me is glad they didn’t go with the clich├ęd TV send off and another part of me is a little annoyed with Ryan Murphy for not giving it to us.

Well Gleeks, this will be the last time I recap one of your shows. I’m out for good this time and I'm sure you won't miss me. Finn on the other hand...

R.I.P. Cory Monteith, 1982-2013.


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