Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Girl quits job on video...boss responds with copied video

Did you see the the video this weekend of the girl quitting her job via interpretive dance and a Kanye West song? It was pretty good - you know, just reaffirming what they say about us entitled millenials not willing to put in their time and quitting on all their employers. No big deal.

Her video was good. Pointed. With a lot of white girl dancing.

Well, it seems like her ex-employer has a sense of humour and has made a video in response to her's. It is not great. And the people she works with, based on dance skills and clothing alone seem like they are well beneath her.

I know some people are saying that the company sucks because they copied her video, but how were we supposed to know that it was actually her company? I appreciated that they used all the same rooms and story board as she did...except for adding in that they had a pool and sauna on the roof which was clearly supposed to be a selling point for a new hire.

I am glad the boss video exists because I don't believe anything I see on the internet when it comes to people quitting their jobs after this gem of a hoax in 2010. Worst.


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