Wednesday, September 4, 2013

X Fest Calgary 2013...a sad excuse for a recap

In previous years I didn't attempt to attend X Fest, the rock music festival put on by X 92.9 in Calgary, due to the bands they chose and the inevitable group of hooligans it attracted. This year however, they brought in some indie rock bands much to my delight and I decided to give it a shot.

Passion Pit! The Weakerthans! Cold War Kids! Family of the Year! Half Moon Run! Solid.

The other problem with XFest is that it falls on September long weekend, which usually means I am busy getting one last 'throw eggs off my balcony at random kids and they skate by on their skateboards and scooters' weekend before they head back to school and stop annoying every living adult human in the city.

On day one of the festival I put my egg throwing on pause to see one band, Passion Pit.

I found my way out to Fort Calgary and headed towards the stage...but where was that indie pop sound? I was not listening to Passion Pit. Did I miss them? Did I come at the wrong time? Did I get drugged and today is actually Sunday? So many questions running through my mind!

Confused and slightly concerned for my health I took to Twitter and found out that the guys of Passion Pit had a equipment mishap in Chicago and thus came to the festival without it. They decided to get drunk and play a DJ set.

My rage cannot be described within the walls of this post. So I left for the day listening only to the faint sounds of bar music and Bon Jovi ringing through my ears. What a bust.

Day two was going to be different. I would wake up early (so, before noon) and arrive at the grounds before Family of the Year took the stage. This didn't happen.

Not only did this not happen but I missed Half Moon Run because they went on 20 minutes early I had to wait in what I would like to call the 'TSA ain't got nothing on these psychos' security line where they made girls wearing spanks lift up their dresses and asked me to disassemble my SLR camera for fear I was smuggling drugs in it (of course I refused and they let me pass).

Going back to that 'they went on 20 minutes early' line I just threw in there. When does that ever happen? No seriously, at a rock festival?  That would be like me going to a Madonna show that was supposed to start at 8 and Madge coming on at 10 instead of midnight. All of her die-hard fans would miss her and be outraged. And the early start didn't end there...nope, the entire day was rolling 20 minutes early.

What is the silver lining here? Well, I wasn't going to be able to stay and see Cold War Kids (due to my egg throwing schedule), but since they were running early I did. Keyboard player Matthew Schwartz is my fave. How can you not love this guy?

And that folks is the story of my first X Fest failure. Next year I'll do better. (...or at least I promise to try.)


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