Monday, September 9, 2013

WGN Morning show hosts hang up on Oprah

It's a wonder why my opinion of local American new shows is in an overall state of 'who the hell are these people'? Granted, I don't watch any of the local shows on a regular basis, only when something like this goes viral and then I take notice...which happens more frequently than you would think. My general opinion of the people in the industry south of the boarder is somewhat skewed.

Anyways, that being said, the WGN Chicago morning news cast had Oprah call into their show and someone hung up on her during the interview. Not only did they hang up on Ope (which is a 'burn in hell' type of offence), but they did so after asking her a question about the OWN network. If I didn't think these people were so stupid I would say that someone behind the scenes cut it because - who the hell gives someone from another network a platform to talk about their network on their show?

Then they start to make jabs about Oprah "We've had enough of her" (assuming because  they were trying to be funny) and then she called back. They asked her if she hung up on them and she said, "Definitely wasn't me." GOOD LORD, accusing the woman of doing something rude after you hung up on her. Well, I never!

Then there was the part where the female anchor crumples a piece of paper and throws it at the camera. Huh? How do Americans take these kind of people seriously?

Some intern is definitely getting fired today.


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