Thursday, September 26, 2013

The crying Disney girl returns


How do her parents ever know if she is sad or happy? A couple of years ago you may have seen the video of Lily getting a back pack full of Disney stuff (above) and then her parents telling her they were going to Disneyland...she burst into tears and it went viral.

Now two years later her parents and younger sister are all in the car for surprise number two...a second trip to Disneyland, which again, produces tears.

What we didn't see in the first video was the AMAZING reaction from the little sister. She is like "The f-ck Lily calm down" with her face. She is my hero. Long live Chloe.

So of course, after seeing these two videos, because Chloe's parents obviously don't care if she get horrendously bullied for the rest of her life because the world knows her as a joy crier, I went to Mom's YouTube page. And of course there are other videos of Lily.

This one proves that there is actually something wrong with her - crying at a Wall-E doll? Get your shit together kid. Seriously.


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