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Review: Broadway Across Canada's War Horse (A letter to...)

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Dear Animal Lovers,

What did you do today? Did you wake up at the crack of dawn to walk your dog, get your face scratched by your cat or purge your yard of feces? All of these things sound like extreme fun. I mean, it's a wonder I have no desire to be near animals, let alone own one. I really should head over to the SPCA...

Before I go pick up a stray animal that will ruin my life, I need to finish this letter. It's important. You see, I saw something the other night that I think you would enjoy. It was a broadway show about a 16 year old kid who has a horse that his dad sells to the British army during WWI...he was like, "Oh hell no!" ran away from home on his bike to get his horse back.

Stupid right? OK, well obviously you don't think that because you are probably thinking "I'd do the same thing, Go Arthur Go!" (the kid's name is Arthur). I was definitely on the side of 'idiot child'.

Does this story sound familiar? Did you see Steven Spielberg's movie War Horse? It's based on the same story.* Did I watch the movie you ask? No. Why? Because I hate animals. Then why did I go to this play? Because I thought there was going to be real horses on the stage and I thought there was a chance that one would spaz out and kick someone in the face. (One must never miss an opportunity to see someone get their face plowed.)

Unfortunately, I was uninformed, because it turns out the horses were giant mechanical puppets. That was probably for the best because [SPOILER] horses died in WWI and it would have been pretty hard to kill live ones on stage every night.

I really think the story of the boy and animal bond will really be something you would enjoy. The kid basically spends all of his time hanging out with his horse and talks to it like it is a real person. He spends the rest of the time putting himself and others in danger to find his horse - which was annoying as all hell to me, but I am sure you are totally cool with that. It's all about the animals right? No big deal.

I want to tell you more about the puppet horses, because they were friggin fantastic. If all animals were actually giant metal skeletons with some cloth I would totally be down with liking them. When Joey (this is the name of the horse, I know - tres lame) goes from colt to real sized horse it's awesome.

What else was great about this show? Well...
  • The horse death scenes were pretty great, but I don't know if you'd like that. Arthur becomes a man when he stabs 'something' in the head (SPOILER: it's not a person)...I don't think you'd like that either. 
  • Visually the show was on point. The simple sets allowed all the attention to go to the horses and made the battle scenes much more dramatic. 
  • There were some comedic parts in the show, my favorite being a coin toss between a British and German soldier over a horse in no-man's land. 
  • The acting met my expectation, nothing over the top outstanding, but nothing sub-par. Approved.
Obviously the biggest set back of the show for me was the 'point'...boy loves horse so much he goes to war for it. That kind of insanity gives me rage. You guys also give me rage with your weird need to talk to your chinchillas like people and purchase of clothes for your poodles. You and this play were meant to be. So go on - buy a ticket and keep your dogs off my lawn.


The Broadway Across Canada production of War Horse runs from now until September 15 in Calgary and from September 17 - 22 in  Edmonton. Click here for more information.

*Note: I Wikipedia-ed the movie, plot is slightly different.

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