Monday, September 16, 2013

RECAP: Amazing Race Canada wraps up the finale with one last sprint through Toronto

The Amazing Race Canada ended tonight with a season finale race through Toronto. The Brothers, the Tims and the Sisters landed in Toronto and set off on the final leg of this cross-Canada race.

The first stop after the airport was the L Building...a unfinished tower in downtown Toronto where they had to repel face first down the side of the building. FUN! Lame as far as a challenge goes, but fun as far as extreme activities are concerned. All of the people started at the same time and finished together.

Next it was off to the Caramilk Factory to find a golden Caramilk bar. The Sisters arrive first and have to wear gloves because they are wearing nail polish and that's a 'no no' in the factory. They take their sanitary precautions serious there. Vanessa was having trouble opening the bars with the gloves on and of course, whines about it.

The Brothers arrive around the same time as the Tims and the race is on to find the special bar. The Tims end up finding the first bar and are off a long time before the other two. The Sisters are next with the Brothers following closely behind them.

Then it was off to the Zoo to find their next clue. The Tims miss the clue at the Panda exhibit and end up wandering around the zoo for over an hour. The Brothers and the Sisters arrive at the same time and find the clue. The Sisters kept their cab, smartest thing I have seen them do since the start of this game, and the Brothers had to wait for one to come.

The next stop is a brick house where they must match all the flags and provincial flowers to their correct provinces based off the clues they were given each leg as well as the flowers that the host city people were wearing at each pit stop.

Celina is in there first and has trouble with...basically everything. Cory is a little more confident, but still not getting all of the answers correct. Celina comes out at one point and asks if they can take a time penalty - on the last leg of the race. Seriously girl, why are you here?

Back at the zoo the Tims finally found their clue and head over to the provincial flag/flower matching challenge. They arrive before Cory or Celina can finish their challenge and Papa Tim heads in to get to matching. You realize very early on in his assembly that he knows what he is doing. He explains that he and Baby Tim had been taking notes the whole time about what they saw on the clues and at the Pit Stops. He gets the order in two tries and leaves Celina and Jody in the dust.

Next it was onto a ferry and over to the final pit stop.  The Tims arrive at the ferry and they have 8 minutes before the next crossing...dun dun dun. They cut to a commercial before you knew if the ferry took off. The suspense! And then the commercial is over and we are at the pit stop and the Tims are running over the hill to victory. Oh. OK, so that's it. All the eliminated contestants stood around and cheered them on with big fake smiles on their faces as the father son duo were crowned the first ever winners of the Amazing Race Canada.

The Brothers and Sisters have a foot race to the end for second and third - the Brothers take the number two spot and the Sisters take third.

Needless to say I was less than impressed that the elimination evaders Tim Hague Sr. and Tim Hague Jr. were the ones that took home the big prize. The Tims won nothing the entire season and, as I already said, were saved from elimination twice. TWICE! These two have lucky horse shoes up their asses.

I will say that I was thrilled that the Sisters didn't win, that would have been an absolute travesty. I was hoping that the Brothers would pull out one last win as I felt they were probably the most deserving of the final teams in the running, but alas, the teams I cheer for never win anything (I'm talking to you Flames!).

After the show all of the team reconvened on After the Race to talk about all the 'drama' that happened during the season. It was pretty ho-hum, except for that part where Hal and Joanne proved once again that they weren't exactly the best losers television has ever seen and that they are still holding a grudge against the doctors. Note to Body Break: that doesn't make your brand look good.

Also on After the Race, everyone's favorite ginger host Jon Montgomery announced that CTV has green-lit a second season of the Amazing Race Canada. I was hoping that they would tell us where the next race was going to be held, but no such luck. If they go with the Canada format again, I'm not sure if people will be as forgiving as they were in the pilot season.

Well that's it for the Amazing Race Canada and the most colourful array of Canada Goose jackets I have ever seen.


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  1. I too was happy the sisters didn't win.

    The Cadbury factory is just a couple blocks from me ... we checked today and alas, they don't allow tours :(

    I found Hal very confrontational on the after show ... he didn't seem like the nice guy from the Body Break commercials. I found the hosts sooooo annoying.


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