Monday, September 2, 2013

RECAP: Amazing Race Canada runs through Nova Scotia on a U-Turn leg

The Tims get a clue.
This week on the Amazing Race Canada the show gave the Maritimes some love. The teams travelled from Nunavut to Halifax for a stereotypically Nova Scotian visit.

At the beginning of the race they find out this is a u-turn leg. The Sisters, knowing full well they would never be the first team to the u-turn board, asked the Bros to u-turn the Brothers if they were the first to the board. Listen ladies, if you want to use the u-turn you need to get your lives together and make it there yourself first.

They have a stop over in Ottawa and Jody leaves his bag there so he doesn't have to carry it anymore. Someone needs to explain the rules to me because I have watched sporadic episodes of the show since it's inception in the States and I thought they had to have their backpacks at all times. Small point, but I was seriously expecting Jon to make them go back to Ottawa when they hit the end of the race tonight. He didn't - so they must not have broken any rules.
The teams arrived at the Pier 21 museum where they had to spend the night before starting this leg of the race. Annoying. Again with the 'start in the morning' tactic. It's getting old and the only people it ever helps is Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb (aka the Sisters). Jet and Dave were not impressed about sleeping on the floor, or so it appeared, but I am sure they just like to exaggerate and moan to make the situation more entertaining.

Scarecrow building challenge
In the morning they checked out the museum and then had to run around to the different areas and get a 'passport' stamped before getting their next clue. Stupid challenge, onto the next one.

Next the teams travel to Mahone Bay* where they get a phone with a picture of a scarecrow. They then have to find said scarecrow and then build a 'twin' version of it. (Hi, Mahone Bay...just a general question: is this something you are known for? I am embarrassed for you.)

The Bros are the first ones to arrive and have quite a big lead on the other teams. Jet is tasked with making the scarecrow and says, "How many scarecrows have I built? Zero. How many women have I helped get ready for a Saturday night? That's a different equation." I had no idea he was a stylist. I also had no idea Dave had the ability to frown...I believe this is the first challenge the Bros looked genuinely pissed off doing.

The Brothers and the Tims arrive close together. It seems like Cory has an easy doll to put together and finished for the Brothers in expert time. Tim Jr. is next to complete the task while Dave sits on the sidelines and watches the Bros lead evaporate. Jet can't find arms for his scarecrow. It's a train wreck. Finally Jet gets his done and Vanessa finishes soon after him. (Or hours never know really. TV editing is magical.)
Jet's reaction to his poor styling performance.

Onto the next challenge which is entitled Surf or Turf. If the teams pick surf they have to catch 6 lobsters, band them and take them to a restaurant for inspection. For Turf they must memorize 12 different sausage names and match them to sausages after doing a tasting.

The Brothers and the Bros took the lobster challenge and the Tims and Sisters took the sausages. The sausages was really boring to watch, memorization ones always are unless someone has a meltdown, which surprisingly neither team did. The Brothers appeared to pick up the art of lobster catching after lobster number one and the Bros did a lot of dancing on the boat. Neither of these things should surprise you.

The Brothers were the first to complete their detour and headed off to the church to get the clue to the pit stop. Once they arrive you held your breath and prayed to God that they would u-turn the Tims and not the Bros (oh, and when I say 'you' I mean me and anyone else who is a legitimate human). They decide to u-turn no one. Shocker!

Who would the Tims u-turn?
The Tims get their sausage matching correct the first time through and are the next ones to the church. I hung my head in despair. The Tims wouldn't be stupid enough not to u-turn someone...they are the Tims. They don't know what courtesy is, right? Wrong. They ALSO decide not to u-turn anyone. Mind blown.

Meanwhile, back on the boat Jet and Dave await what they assume is inevitable, getting u-turned. They finish their lobster challenge before the girls and head to the church. They are shocked to see that no one has been u-turned. "What foolish Canadians." said Jet. Then they decide not to u-turn the girls.

Thinking they are getting u-turned
The clue to get to the pit stop is a dime. Which has the Blue Nose on it. Obviously any good
Canadian knows the meaning of that sail boat because of history class or more realistically Heritage Moments. The Brothers know this, the Bros figure it out, but the Tims and the Sisters...takes some help from the locals. Embarrassing.

At least the Tims knew the clue had something to do with the boat. The Sisters initial reaction was "is there a money factory here?" because they just assumed it had to do with cash. Again, some people need to catch up on some Heritage Moments to stop future embarrassment.

When the Brothers arrive at the pit stop they find out that that leg of the race is not yet over and Jon hands them another clue sending them to St. John's. The Tims come in second, the Bros in third and the Sisters come in last ready to pack in their pink parkas and head home. They find out about the 'not true pit stop - pit stop' business which means we'll have to endure them for another week. (Their whining was so much more annoying this episode...probably because we were lacking Holly who was more whiny than all of the other racers combined).

They squeal with joy and then dash off to the next stop in St. John's. Next week we'll see how the next half of this leg pans out, and who will get sent home. If they all arrive on the same boat or plane I will take a blow torch to my TV. Enough of the even playing field.


Edit: In the original version of this post I spelt Mahone Bay Mahon Bay - my apologies to its residents and others who have lived there and are offended by incorrect spelling (beware - it happens often here).


  1. It's Mahone Bay actually. In many parts of NS it's local custom to have a lot of scarecrows just for the fun of it. In the Valley they do pumpkin people.

  2. I've been to Mahone Bay and never saw any scarecrows.

    It's too bad the sisters were able to continue :(


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