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RECAP: Amazing Race Canada gets entertained in Newfoundland

On this episode of the Amazing Race Canada the teams travel to Newfoundland to try their hands at some Newfie things...like kissing fish, drinking, listening to people talk with thick accents, delivering milk via dog and wheel barrow and, of course, busking - because there are loads of out of work people in Newfoundland and they need to feel their pain. (I'm sure that's not what they were implying...but seriously, how is that not a take away?)


First the teams must take a bus, ferry then shuttle to their destination, which basically made me want to travel to Newfoundland...um, never. Just so people know, there is an airport there and god only knows why the teams had to get there like that...since they all traveled together except for the shuttles.

The first task was to go to the Terry Fox memorial and memorize the quote behind it, drive to another place and recite it to a door person. The Brothers were the first ones to get there and almost lost their lead after Cory couldn't remember his part of the quote. Oh, did I mention his part was like, 6 words. I am shocked at the intelligence of the people.

Best news you could get from your cab driver.
The Bros arrive second and get a cab driver that tells them right away, "It's only my fourth day." The hell!? She has no idea where to go. Did the town hire another driver because they usually only have three cabs and they needed four for this leg of the race? The Bros get screwed...and then they are basically stuck with her the whole time because, as I stated, there probably aren't any other cabs for them to take.

The Sisters and the Tims are neck and neck and arrive after the Bros to the 'tell us the Terry Fox quote and we will open a door for you' station.

Kitchen party on a dock.
Next the teams head into a 'kitchen party' which is taking place outside on a dock - this makes complete sense to me. (Note: Sarcasm) A small group of Newfies are sitting around in a circle chanting and singing and they make the teams get down on their knees and kiss a cod and then take a shot of rum. Obviously at this point I am embarrassed for the Newfies - is this real life?

Bros kiss the cod.
Everyone handles this task well...I mean, it wasn't really a challenge just a way for the show to really lay on the stereotype of the Newfies to an extreme. At this point we also learn that Jet and Dave don't drink. Jet says "I get drunk off a bottle cap" and proclaims that he hasn't drank in over 10 years. Gross. Seriously, we cannot be friends. (Unless you are a recovering alcoholic, which in that case, I'm an ass hole and we totally could be friends Sunday through Wednesday).

Next it's on to the detour where teams have to choose between leading a dog around delivering eggs and milk or listening to some fisherman tell a story and then relaying it word-for-word to a group of people.

Sisters recite the story.
The Brothers and the Tims choose the delivery service and the Sisters and the Bros choose the telling of the tale. We learn at this point that Vanessa, Dave and Jet are all supposedly actors. I have learned little to nothing about the Sisters throughout this race, but literally every thing that a person could do the Bros do. It's either amazing or a complete lie. (Foreshadowing: Probably a complete lie.)

Brothers make their dog delivery.
Everyone struggles through their detours. The Sisters and the Bros have trouble retelling the story to the satisfaction of the group. On the other side of town (or down the street, who knows) the Brothers have broken too many eggs to complete their delivery and have to go back and get more supplies and the Tims are having trouble making their dog move. Actually, that's a lie. Tim Sr. is having trouble because animals hate him and his dog won't go until Tim Jr. starts to lead it.

The Tims end up finishing first and head off to the next challenge followed by the Brothers and the Bros.  Bringing up the rear are the Sisters.

Sr. tells people he's from Winnipeg.
Tim Sr., Celina, Jody and Dave are all assigned to the next road block where they must busk on the side of the street until they have collected $50 from people on the street. They are given access to a music store which has instruments and other 'busk-like' items for them to choose from.

Tim Sr. chooses 3 balls and starts to juggle. His gig is basically guilt people into giving him money...using the line that it's 'only a dollar' and he came all the way from 'Winnipeg'.

Dave busking...no idea what's going on here.
Jody grabs a tambourine and decides to go with a smart angle. He tells passersby that he wants to tell them a story and then recaps the time he lost his legs to a land mine while serving in the military. Holy hell, I actually can't believe someone didn't just give him $50 up front.

The Bros arrive next with Dave going on about being in a band and being really talented and then he ends up on the street scream singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" and terrifying people to the point that they run away. I was scared watching it from my couch.

Celina shaking the money maker.
The Sisters roll in last and Celina grabs a hula hoop and a ribbon and starts shaking her ass on a corner. Generally this game is 'brain or brawn' which these girls have none. They were probably so proud that they could finally throw 'body' in there and win something based off of good looks and pervy men.

Celina finishes first, which probably doesn't surprise anyone and Jody comes in second. Both of them got large sums at one point or another. Celina takes a $20 from a guy in a car who looks pervy and Jody...well, Jody takes $4 off a homeless woman who tells him he better pay it forward. STONE COLD.

Tim Sr. slowly but surely collects his change while Dave has transitioned from the god awful singing to yelling at people to give him money while poorly playing with devil sticks. Jet is standing on the side of the street pouting while saying something along the lines of "I don't understand Dave is such a multi-talented guy"...not by my standards Jet, not by my standards at all.

Tim Sr. is out before Dave and it is not looking good for the Bros. Let's be honest, after they got the 'I don't know how to get anywhere cab driver' you thought "...this could be the end." Then when Dave opened his mouth to sing you were thinking "Well, I guess I don't really have to watch the rest of the episode."

The pit stop is at the most eastern point in North America. The Sisters arrive first but go the wrong way and the Brothers come in from behind to win for the third week in a row. The Sisters come in second (Canada collectively dies inside) and the Tims roll in at number three.

End of the line for the Bros
The Bros are the last to arrive and get axed by Jon. They lost because of Dave and his hurting busking capabilities. Dave knows this which prompts him to cry. Aw Dave, don't cry...it makes me uncomfortable.

Jet says it best "I'm confident in saying, even if we didn't win, we had the most fun." Annnnd he's probably right.

Next week the teams head to the Great White Center of the Universe, formally known as Toronto, for the final leg of the race.


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  1. I thought it was odd that they didn't fly from Halifax to St. John's ... Air Canada flies there and it's about an hour flight (I've done it a couple times). Transiting and ferrying would have taken days!!!

    Yes, when you get "screeched in", you do have to kiss a cod and down a shot of Screech. I did it a couple years ago but in a bar. There's a long ceremony that goes along with it.

    I was sorry to see Dave and Jet go ... I'm soooooooooo surprised the sisters are still in it.


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