Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mumford and Sons to take break for the foreseeable future

Oh my, what ever are all of the mid 20s - late 30 somethings who are trying to stay musically relevant going to do? Mumford and Sons have declared a break for the foreseeable future in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.
"There won’t be any Mumford and Sons activities for the foreseeable future following Friday’s show," keyboardist Ben Lovett told [Rolling Stone] earlier this week.

Exactly how long is the band planning to take off? "We have no idea. We just know we’re going to take a considerable amount of time off and just go back to hanging out and having no commitments or pressure or anything like that. It feels like the last week of school right now, before school holiday when you’re in high school. The atmosphere on the road is one of . . . I think everyone’s excited about being free of schedules."
Now, don't get me wrong, I like the banjo folk just as much as the next person (however I do prefer Sigh No More to Babel...I don't get the hype of album #2), but I feel like a mass amount of people have latched onto this band in an attempt to become 'hipsters' or whatever they are calling the cool kids these days.

So now what are these people going to do? They will have to adopt another band to gather around as the chosen ones. I see the Lumineers there waiting in the wings. Will they be next?


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