Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kanye West gets in a twitter fury after he watches Jimmy Kimmel make fun of him

Kanye West is pissed! This is not a surprising emotional state for Kanye, but it's always a good time when the delusional rapper takes to Twitter in all caps to vent his rage.

His current beef is with Jimmy Kimmel after Jimmy spoofed a recent interview he did with BBC. I mean, it's not hard to make fun of a Kanye interview, so I'm not really sure why he is so surprised that Kimmel made this video.

Let's recap :

6:12 PM - Kanye finishes watching Jimmy Kimmel's video (this is assumed, not confirmed)

6:13 PM - Kanye takes to Twitter to voice his rage.

6:17 PM - Jimmy Kimmel was quickly made aware of the tirade. 

6:20 PM - Kanye continues...

6:21 PM - Josh Groban steps in and tries to keep the peace.

6:23 PM - Jimmy dares to ask Kanye for a favour.

6:26 PM - Kanye talks about going to Jimmy's family's wedding...whatever that means...

6:26 PM - ...and we find out that that Kanye and Jimmy just spoke on the phone. Please tell me someone recorded that gem.

 6:27 PM - Jimmy, disregarding the mutherfucker statement. HA.

6:27 PM - Low blow by Kanye.

6:30 PM - Jimmy takes it in stride. Truth, Wreck it Ralph was funny.

6:47 PM - Kanye gets serious and goes from caps to images.


7:02 PM - Jimmy Kimmel is done. Threatens the dreaded unfollow to Kanye.

 7:05 PM - Jimmy finally responds to Groban's plea for reconciliation.

...and in case you haven't seen Groban's dig at Kayne, it's pretty dope.

UPDATE: Jimmy Kimmel addressed the feud on his show on Friday night. Hilarious.


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