Sunday, September 1, 2013

Harry Connick Jr. joins J Lo and Keith Urban on American Idol

American Idol is doing its yearly judge seat filling that has become a game of musical chairs ever since the original crew that held onto the seats for first 8 seasons started to venture off onto other things.

Last year I didn't even watch American Idol, which could have been named the Minaj v. Carey Showdown. So much unnecessary drama.

This year Keith Urban is holding his spot, while Jennifer Lopez is returning to the panel as well as the newly announced Harry Connick Jr..

Is this going to save the show? Or is it Idol's turn to fade into the sunset?

I wasn't sold on J Lo the first time I heard she was going to be on the show, but then she ended up having a pretty good season with Steven Tyler and Randy. Her return is welcomed. I am not sure AT ALL about Harry. The man can sing, but can he judge? Only time will tell I guess.


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