Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SonReal channels Napoleon Dynamite for new video Everywhere We Go (VIDEO)

Holy mother of awkward! What the hell is this? Besides a hilarious ode to Napoleon Dynamite with cameos by rappers Madchild and Shad.

Canadian rapper SonReal has brought his A game with the music video for his single Everywhere We Go. It features him playing a nerd named Steve who is rapping at a talent show and hanging out with his unfortunate friends while BBQing a rodent on a stick in a backyard...among other things.

You do get to see the real SonReal at the end for a couple of seconds...sans the grosssss wig and 'holy f-ck' braces. I'm not sure if they ever played with the idea of giant 80s glasses, but that would have been overkill. Steve is a perfect mess as-is.

Once you get over the ridiculousness of the video you can enjoy the song. Which I like, but just not sung by Steve.


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