Monday, August 19, 2013

RECAP: Amazing Race Canada takes on Quebec City, Parlez-vous fran├žais?

This week on the Amazing Race Canada the teams head to Quebec. The Bros head off first from Regina on their way to Quebec City. It didn't really matter though because they all arrived and had to sleep at an old fortress before being able to search it in the morning for a clue.

Since the Bros arrived first they decided to play a prank (because they are bros, and because they are awesome), on whoever arrived after them. They indicated in a sand box that teams needed to look in the canons outside. The Brothers saw it first and were had by the prank. They took it well, thank God it wasn't Holly and Brett. She would have had a meltdown.

The next morning teams went in search of the clues. The Bros were off first and the Tims brought up the rear. This is not abnormal...the Tims talk a lot of smack for a team that is generally barely hanging on.

They had to them take a ferry across the river. The Bros and the Sisters get on the first ferry and it leaves giving them a 30 minute lead over the Brothers, Tims and Doctors.

Once off the ferry the teams had to choose whether they were going to make an ice sculpture or do a 'find the missing object' of a mural using signs in French. The Doctors and the Brothers pick the mural and the Bros, Sisters and Tims choose the ice sculpture.

The Bros end up finishing their sculpture first. The Doctors and the Brothers are hot on their tales. The Sisters finish next (after switching their task) and the Tims finish last.

The next challenge was a road block where teams had to make crepes after hearing an order in French. The Bros get their first and Dave is doing the challenge...unfortunately he is not fluent in Francais. He struggles until all of the other teams arrive and then he finally finishes.

Jody was chefing it up for the Brothers. He kept getting denied because he wasn't serving all his dishes at once. Rookie mistake. Once he figures it out he is good to go...right after Holly finishes for her and Brett.

Last at the crepe making station is Tim Jr and Vanessa reppin for the Sisters. Jr wasn't putting the right garnish on his food and Vanessa didn't know that cerise was French for cherries. She asks Tim Jr. what it means and he tells her - seriously, both of these teams are so useless I am SHOCKED that either of them are still in the game. 

The Sisters finish after Vanessa figures out the cherry dilemma, leaving Papa Tim pissed and still waiting. Finally Jr. finishes and they all head to a park to throw around a lacrosse ball. Players must each complete a pass and score a goal with a lacrosse stick. No drama there. It was pretty much in and out for each team.

The Bros finish first and do a little happy dance before leaving. This is why we love the Bros. They always stop and take time to enjoy their winnings...that being said, they will probably end up losing a leg from their non-urgency, but so far it has not seemed to effect them.

The Pit Stop is on a bridge. The Bros are the first to meet up with Jon. The Doctors and Brothers get to the stop at the same time...who would have thought? It's not like they haven't been narrating this whole episode as "the episode where the Brothers and Doctors follow each other around". They run in, Holly lands on the mat first, but since Jon needs to call it right there and then he calls a tie (it was close).

They try to edit it to seem like the Sisters and the Tims are neck and neck at the end, but I don't think it was actually that close. The Sisters arrive in third place, shocking the country that they are still in the game. 

Of course everyone sat at home high fiving each other because the Tims were finally about to be eliminated. After being the cause of Hal and Joanne leaving last week it was sweet revenge for the viewers. So others must have had rage attacks like I did when Jon tells them that this is a non-elimination leg - AGAIN. That is twice they have been saved due to non-elimination. What BS.

Next week all five teams head north to Nunavut. It looks like we get to endure Holly cry-whining again, so that should be fun. As long as we don't lose the Bros I am good to go for the rest of the season.



  1. All accurate as far as a recap goes, even perhaps the 'cry-whining again' angle. Check out our behind the scenes take on things as always at, Wednesday afternoon. See what we're racing for.
    - Married Doctors, Holly and Brett

  2. I can't believe Hal and Joanne are gone and we are stuck with charisma-free tims.

    I couldnt believe they werent eliminated.
    I shouted NO at the tv and vow to never watch it again.

  3. Huh, that's pretty cool that Holly and Brett read your blog!


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