Monday, August 26, 2013

RECAP: Amazing Race Canada runs through Nunavut and serves whale blubber

This week on the Amazing Race Canada teams head north to Iqaluit, Nunavut. Grab your Canada Goose jackets contestants, it's about to get chilly.

The teams head off on the same flight from Montreal to Iqaluit. Once they land they are given their next location written in Inuktitut - thus they must find someone to translate the name for them.

I have decided after tonight to add 'give an Amazing Race contestant incorrect directions' right next to 'crash a flash mob' in my bucket list. Of course they all managed to get the right name off of the people at the airport. Anyone else surprised at how many people were at the airport? I didn't think there were that many people in Iqaluit. Interesting.

The teams then headed off to find 'throat singers' to get their next clue. Stops without a challenge are annoying, pointless (for the viewer) and a complete pass to write about.

The first challenge was a choice between 1) hauling your teammate through the snow on a sled and then hitting a harpoon target and switching puller/passenger on the way back or 2) building an igloo. The Brothers arrive first and choose harpoon hunter as do the Sisters. The Bros arrive next and choose building an igloo.

The Tims and the Doctors arrive last. The Doctors choose the igloo (obviously, as they think it is less physical) and the Tims choose the harpoon hunter.

This challenge brought some great entertainment. The Sisters cried and argued the whole time and one had to wonder why they didn't chose to build an igloo, but considering the trouble that both Brett and Holly had lifting the snow bricks I think they would have failed at that.

The Bros and the Doctors both chose the igloo building which proved to be too hard for both of them. The Bros bounced out earlier than the Doctors who tried longer to get the snow house made, but it was a complete failure.

The Tims came back from their 'should-have-been-elimination' the previous week and finished the harpoon hunter challenge AND their speed bump before all but the Brothers made it to the pit stop.

I would like to comment on the speed bump. Why do all the speed bumps on this show seem so easy? I realize they aren't supposed to be extremely hard, but they basically got a free ride on a dog sled - it seemed annoyingly effortless.

After they completed that challenge teams headed to the roadblock where one teammate would have to eat ten slices of muktuk. Whale blubber....YUM! I know it's part of the cultural diet, but are we going to be hearing from PETA about this or what?

Cory eats the blubber for the Brothers and they are off. The Sisters and the Tims arrive around the same time and they start to eat. Papa Tim is chowing down for the Tims while Celina is eating for the Sisters. Sr. didn't have any trouble, but Celina was gagging the entire time. Note to the producers, if you are going to make me listen to someone gagging like that repeatedly, there'd better be some vomit at the end of the line. Obviously in Celina's case, there wasn't any.

The Bros arrive behind the Sisters to the muktuk challenge after attempting the igloo and finishing the harpoon hunter challenge. Jet eats the blubber after complaining about how strict his diet is and beach season is around the corner.

Back at the base Holly and Brett have given up on the igloo after Holly says, "I'm NOT strong enough to lift it!" and they go off to the challenge where Holly will have to PULL BRETT IN A SLED THROUGH THE SNOW FOR A GREAT DISTANCE. This makes perfect sense.

We didn't hear as much Holly whining this episode, which was a gift from the producers I am sure. They completely edited out her pulling Brett back from the harpoon toss which is where I expected her greatest meltdown to happen.

The fact that they didn't show makes me wonder if it even happened - did she really pull him the whole way? Or did they admit defeat and pretend to finish to save face? The show, besides showing Holly's whining, seems to side with the Doctors a lot. The 'catch a pass' challenge at Taylor Field. Really? OK, I digress.

So the Bros finish the roadblock slightly after the Sisters and are able to overtake them on the way up the snowy hill/mountain they have to climb to get to the pit stop. No stress girls, you didn't come in last and you're still in the race.

The Doctors end up rolling in last and getting eliminated from the race probably cursing the fact that the Tims have been saved from elimination twice. In the words of Dave, "You can't finish [the Tims]. They're like zombies." Agreed.

Next week teams head east to Halifax. The show is actually giving the Maritimes some love, surprised? I am.


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  1. So glad the doctors are out ... Holly was too whiny and wimpy :(

    Jet and Dave are getting funnier with each episode!


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